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A look at the enhanced British Airways Club Europe catering

I recently flew with British Airways on a couple of short-haul flights in Club Europe just after the new catering enhancements were made. Today I’d like to share a few details about the changes with you. If you’re hungry, then I should warn you that food photos are ahead.

To begin, the entire catering experience has been improved and the quality of the food has increased considerably. All Club Europe catering comes from the catering company Do&Co; whom are known for being one of the best in the industry. The changes are part of BA’s multi-million pound investment into enhancing the customer experience.

I have included some highlights of the recent CE changes below for you:

  • Warmed bread selection offered from a basket on all flights
  • Up to three main courses (two which are hot options) offered on longer short-haul flights
  • The scones have returned to the Afternoon Tea offering
  • Miniature bottles are back! (Except Champagne)

Manchester to London

food on a tray with a napkin and a bowl of food


The first photo is of the Coronation Chicken salad which I enjoyed on a very short flight from Manchester to London, where the actual flight is about 35-minutes. A small coleslaw-style starter, decent-sized main course and then a deliciously naughty-but-nice dessert pot.

The wine glasses are now preloaded on the meal trays and warmed breads are offered from a basket. The bread selection is actually very good, I forgot to take a photo of it though – sorry!

Madrid to London

a tray of food on a table
The second photo is of the Asian-style chicken with rice and roasted vegetables. This was served with a little “amuse-bouche”, crumble dessert-pot, cheese selection, biscuits and warmed bread rolls (offered from a basket). This meal is served on longer short-haul flights. A change from the previous Club Europe dining proposition is the addition of a third meal option, which is chilled.

Previously the courses were served separately, but now everything is featured on a single tray. You might be wondering where I am sitting on this flight. I was lucky enough to be sitting in a First seat. If you didn’t know already, BA operate a wide-body 777 on this route once a day for Cargo reasons. The F cabin isn’t always used, but as my flight was full, I was lucky!


The changes to the Club Europe catering are great and has seen the welcome return of a few things which were removed in 2017. It’s great to see BA continuing to invest in the customer experience and it seems from social media that a lot of people are happy with the new catering. We’ve seen improvements to Club Europe, Euro Traveller, World Traveller and Club World.. what is next?!


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