Inside the Star Alliance Lounge at LAX

I was fortunate enough to visit the Star Alliance Lounge within the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX.

The $1.9 billion terminal opened in September 2013; and features a plethora of new and exciting retail and dining options; including an Umami Burger and the first Starbucks Evenings airport location on the West Coast. TBIT is known as the premier international terminal seeing as it’s the home to airlines including Air New Zealand, British Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and Qantas – most of which operate the mighty A380 aircraft. In total, eight Star Alliance member airlines operate out of the terminal.

Editor Update: Unfortunately the LHR-LAX route operated by Air New Zealand has now been suspended.

The Star Alliance Lounge itself was developed and is managed by Air New Zealand, whom are one of my preferred airlines. It truly offers a unique experience - even with an open air terrace offering views over the runway and towards the Hollywood hills. But I'll get to that a little later. During my visit I was greeted and given a tour by Colin; who is one of the Duty Managers at the lounge.


The Star Alliance lounge is located on level 6 of TBIT - airside of course. Therefore you'll need to clear security beforehand and be physically departing from the terminal. It's accessible via escalators or lifts from the main atrium area. It's open from around 09:15 in the morning until 00:30 - but these times do change depending upon flight schedules.

The Lounge

The lounge is accessible to both First and Business Class passengers, or those whom are Star Alliance Gold members, or other eligible guests. You'll be able to find out whether you have access by contacting your airline.

Welcoming more than 380 guests, the fully accessible lounge features a variety of different areas designed for how you like to relax before your flight.
Here is the living area - one of the largest parts of the lounge.

The Living Area

The living area is very expansive and there is plenty of comfortable seating - the majority of which have a power or USB outlet nearby so you can charge your electronic devices. This is especially important in an age where we are all connected to the internet in some form or another most of the time. You'll also be pleased to know that complimentary WiFi internet access is offered; you'll find the login details located on cards throughout. There are also numerous flight information screens around the lounge so you need not walk too far in order to check the status of your flight.

Here is a photo of the patio - which overlooks the terminal below. The perfect spot to watch the world go by.

TV anyone?

If you want to see what's on the TV, then the media room is for you. It's a decent size and features extremely comfy chairs where you can sit back and enjoy a movie or the latest sporting action. Colin was telling me that on some day's when a major event is occuring; they sometimes turn the volume up a little to add to the atmosphere.

Food and Drink

In terms of food and drink; the lounge is complete with a cafe-style area which offers complimentary hot and cold snacks. There are also a number of bars throughout where you can pick up a complimentary drink, or two, or three - it's your choice. There was a good selection of Californian Wines too. As far as airline lounges in the US go; this is very impressive.

Some of the food options available. I really like the wine display cabinet. If only there was room for that at home...

Did I mention that there is even a Noodle bar?!? Colin told me that this was incredibly popular; and the food tasted really good.

The Terrace

Now for one of my favourite parts. The Star Alliance Lounge boasts the only open-air roof terrace; where you can enjoy a little bit more of the warm Southern Californian sunshine and listen to the sounds of the waterfall whilst gazing at the views of the runway and the Hollywood hills in the distance.

Unfortunately at the particular time that I was visiting, it was raining so the area was closed. Typical!
However, Colin and I briefly stepped outside so I could take a few photographs to share with you. He jokingly remarked that I will have to return in order to experience the lounge under the warm sunshine. Note that the comfy seating is all covered over due to the rain.

Here is the waterfall; and a fantastic quote by Bette Davis. You'll find similar quotes like this throughout the lounge.


The lounge features eight shower suites which you are able to use should you need to.

They are of a decent size; and come complete with towels and amenities.

Here's a quote by Tom Bradley himself:

A lot of the photography within the lounge was produced by Australian photographer Peter Lick. I love this one of the Hollywood sign:

First Class

If you are a First Class passenger; you are able to also make use of the smaller and more intimate First Class Lounge; which is literally right opposite the entrance to the Main Lounge. There's even a little door from one into the other. If you are able to access this; you'll be given a special code.

Inside the First Class lounge; there are also two separate rooms of which are complimentary.

These are commonly used by bands, celebrities, diplomats and members of the government who want to use the features of the lounge but still retain some privacy.

My Verdict

Overall, the Star Alliance Lounge in very impressive. It's quite large but even during peak times it never felt too crowded. The staff were very friendly and I simply cannot thank Anastasia, Colin and the entire team for a wonderful experience.

To find out more about the lounge; why not visit for yourself the next time you fly from LAX.

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  1. Nice look at the lounge. One thing to note on physical access – terminals 4-8 and Bradley are all connected airside, so you can actually access the lounge from any of those terminals (although it can be a long walk). Also, LAX policy allows you to access any terminal if you have a same day boarding pass, so even if you aren’t in one of those terminals, you can still go through security at TBIT to access the lounge.

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