My Bucket List

It goes without saying. Everyone should have a bucket list, wish list, what-ever you want to call it.
For me, it is a great place to keep a diary of everything you want to see, do and accomplish in life.

Sure, there may be some pretty outrageous things on it; but who knows what the future holds!







I’ve been fortunate to cross a few things off so far, the others… well they’re a work-in-progress sort-of-thing. 🙂

  1. Pass my driving test.
  2. Beat Cancer. This was really, really tough. I'm now at six years and have entered complete remission. Definitely my biggest challenge and greatest achievement to date.
  3. Learn to fly an aircraft. Getting my own PPL would be awesome. One lesson down...
  4. Visit San Francisco, sail under the Golden Gate, and buy a load of chocolate.
  5. Explore Las Vegas. 45-minutes during a short layover does not count.
  6. Perform in London at the Royal Albert Hall and in the West End. Done while at theatre school.
  7. Perform at Disneyland Paris, whilst I attended a theatre school.
  8. Enjoy brunch at The Beverly Hills Hotel.
  9. Attend another BritsInLA breakfast/pub-quiz
  10. Purchase a cupcake from the world-famous Sprinkles Cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills, CA. Now that is cool.
  11. Attend a taping of "The Ellen Show" in Burbank, CA. 
  12. Return to New York City. I haven't been there since the year to 2000! Seems like forever and a day ago...
  13. Visit Disneyland, the original Disney theme park. (Co-incidentally it's the Happiest Place on Earth).
  14. Dine at the exclusive members only Club 33 inside Disneyland Park. I've been to Le Salon Noveau though
  15. Go back to Orlando and see what's new at Walt Disney World and Universal.
  16. Travel around Asia.
  17. Go on a Disney Cruise.
  18. Embark on a Transatlantic crossing aboard the majestic Queen Mary 2.
  19. Swim with Dolphins.
  20. Fly on an Airbus A380 - the largest commercial passenger jet in the world! (I've walked around one though)
  21. Experience Club World with British Airways.
  22. Fly in Upper Class with Virgin Atlantic.
  23. Fly in Business Class on American Airlines.
  24. Fly with Delta Air Lines.
  25. Fly with a Middle-Eastern Carrier.
  26. Fly on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
  27. Work for an airline.
  28. Make the long journey down to Australia and New Zealand.
  29. Visit Mexico and eat some real Mexican food, not those dinner-kits from the supermarket.
  30. Cruise around the Caribbean. Ensuring that I pick up a souvenir from each port of call.
  31. Cruise through Alaska, the 49th US State.
  32. Go whale-watching in Vancouver, B.C, Canada. Those documentaries look amazing!
  33. Hop aboard the Rocky Mountaineer for a spectacular train-ride.
  34. Get some kicks along Route 66. I've visited the Western end of the trail... Santa Monica Pier!
  35. Go for a run along Miami Beach, before stopping off for a stroll through Little Havana.
  36. Sing, dance and act on stage. The Royal Albert Hall was one of my favourite venues.
  37. Visit Dubai. The city that just keeps on exceeding expectations.
  38. Find that work-life balance. Still haven't got it right.
  39. Improve my confidence, get rid of that thing called anxiety. Away from blogging and work, I am an incredibly shy person.
  40. Fly on Concorde. Sadly that will never happen, but supersonic might.
  41. Go on a night out. Believe it or not, I've never been "out out" (still true in 2021)
  42. Visit Hawaii. Home of a famous task force...
  43. Fly in First with British Airways
  44. Continue to add more things to this list.

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