I dined in the sky with British Airways!

A few years ago, the late summer Bank Holiday proved to be rather interesting to say the least. You could say that I was “almost” dining in the clouds.

I headed down to Brighton seafront to a British Airways #BABeachside event purely just to be nosey and see whether I could be one of the lucky few to dine 100 feet up in the air; and to my delight my wish had come true… not once, but twice!


For about 10 days, a different destination was showcased by the relevant tourism board and marketing agency from a handful of locations around the Caribbean and farther afield. It’s worth noting that you can actually fly to all of these destinations with British Airways from London Gatwick – only about 30 minutes away from Brighton!

If you were lucky enough to win a golden stick of rock you could sample the local cuisine high up in the air, otherwise guests could enjoy a complimentary drink and soak up the atmosphere.

On my first visit,  the focus was on the idyllic Caribbean island of St. Kitts – to which I have been lucky enough to visit as part of a Caribbean cruise.

During my flight which took me 100 feet into the sky, I was served an authentic meal typical to the island which happened to be Salted Cod in a Tomato & Pepper Sauce (you could say a broth) and it was accompanied with Rice, Beans and a Coconut-Dumpling. It was delicious!

SAM_2808The views from 100 feet up in the air of Brighton & Hove were simply amazing. It was very sunny with clear blue skies and you could see for miles. Although there was a slight breeze it did not impair the enjoyment of the experience. Would I do it again… in a heartbeat!


And then as luck would have it, my parents and I went for a stroll past the event on a lovely evening a few days later; and the British Airways team were co-incidentally handing out the final pieces of rock for the event. So my mother, father and I each took a piece of rock and started to peel off the sticker thinking we wouldn’t win anything. To my astonishment, my mother had found the “golden ticket” and had so won a dinner in the sky experience for two on the final flight of the six-day event! Unfortunately my mother didn’t want to participate; so it was left to me and a +1 to go instead. It’s a hard life!

The evening’s event was all about the popular beach resort of Cancun in Mexico; another of the many destinations that you can fly with British Airways from London Gatwick. During my 30-minute dinner in the sky experience at 9pm; I enjoyed a Mexican Platter which consisted of Chicken Fajita Taco Trays, Refried Beans, Peppers, Guacamole and Tortilla Chips… mmm!

Mexican Platter (Chicken Fajita in a Taco Tray, Refried Beans, Peppers, Guacamole and Tortilla Chips.
Mexican Platter (Chicken Fajita in a Taco Tray, Refried Beans, Peppers, Guacamole and Tortilla Chips.

As I mentioned previously, it was the very last flight of the event. Therefore the staff and everyone else decided the event should end on a high with a Mexican Wave 100 feet in the air above Brighton & Hove! It was certainly a fun and hilarious experience, however I was not one of the brave ones who decided to simultaneously recline their seats back to almost flat!

Thank you to British Airways, the St. Kitts Tourism Board, the Mexican Tourist Board and the Dine in the Sky team for an amazing experience over the bank holiday weekend.

Take a look at some of my photographs from the entire event below!


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  1. I’m jealous Ben, this looked like a great event! I hope you actually get to visit St. Kitts and Cancun soon. Were the flight crew tethered while they served?

    1. I hope I get to visit St. Kitts and Cancun in the future too! Yes, the crew had to wear a harness – so there was no danger of them falling from the sky. 🙂

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