One last adventure in 2013

It’s that time of year again…

No –  I don’t mean running around buying gifts for family, friends and of course, myself. But it’s time for my final adventure for 2013!

To date, I’ve flown 32,694 miles and explored the spectacular Norwegian Fjords on cruise… so what’s next I hear you wonder?

Well, *drumroll* I’m off to California (again) for a couple of days with my father to do some more tourist-type things, catch up with friends, and a bit of Christmas shopping as instructed to do so by the mother. It seems as though a couple of items such as a medium brown bag, decorations and edible goodies have appeared on my to-do list, no idea how they have got there – not a clue.

Although it will be my fourth time visiting the West coast this year, I’m looking forward to seeing how Californians celebrate the merriest time of year, and by the sounds of it – they seem to do a pretty good job. Once again I’ll be basing myself in Anaheim but will be hiring a car (not me – but my father of course) and will venture into downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica and perhaps San Diego and farther afield, providing we don’t get lost that is!

As I’m writing this, I’m currently sitting in one of the nifty restaurants at Heathrow Airport, but soon enough I’ll be on board the flight to LA and back in sunny (and hopefully a warm) California. By the time I’m back home I would have flown approximately 43,592 miles this year and reached a new tier level on a certain airlines’ frequent flyer program, rejoice!

Until my next update, do continue with your Christmas shopping and don’t forget to hand-write your Christmas cards!

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