The 10 Best Places to Eat in Los Angeles

Today’s post has been written by Kassidy Davis, who is sharing ten of the best places to eat in Los Angeles. As you might know, LA is a city which I have been fortunate to visit quite a bit. Now I have another excuse to return, simply to try out these dining establishments!














With so many options in the Los Angeles area, it can seem impossible to answer one of life’s most difficult questions—where should I go out to eat? Never fear, we’ve compiled 10 of the best restaurants in Los Angeles and Burbank, California, into one convenient list. Now go and try these places out!

Porto’s Bakery & Cafe

You don’t want to miss Porto’s Bakery & Cafe, the #1 rated restaurant by Yelp! This multi-generational bakery has its roots in Cuba. After the Porto parents lost their jobs and the father was sent to a labor camp during Fidel Castro’s rule, the family baked and bartered cakes to survive. After 8 years of waiting, the Porto family was able to come to the USA.

While the bakery started out as a from-home side business in the US, demand quickly grew. In 1976 they officially opened their first location, and the customers have been swarming in ever since.

Most loyal customers will let you know that everything is delicious, but common favorites include potato balls, the guava/cheese pastries, and cheese rolls. Don’t forget to try their wide variety of sandwiches as well, you can’t go wrong with the roasted pork!

The Exchange

This must-try LA restaurant gets its name from the 12-story Commercial Exchange neon blade sign that hangs above the entrance. The restaurant combines the local flavors of Los Angeles and with a bold taste of Tel Aviv.

Breakfast offers familiar favorites like omelets, toast, and bagels served with hummus, arabic salads, and more. Lunch diners can pick from an array of sandwiches such as the Tunisian or the Eggplant sabich as well as a tried-and-true burger.

Dinner guests can enjoy a wide variety of dishes including fish, steak, and lamb kebabs. Don’t forget to sample the restaurant’s small-dish starters. Try out the labneh (seasonal vegetables over a mix of cheeses and herb sauce) and the pate made from chicken liver & foie gras mousse with tangerine jam & fermented honey.

Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant

If you enjoy iconic 50s architecture, delicious food, and classic car shows, then Burbank Bob’s Big Boy is a perfect choice for you.

Bob’s Big Boy restaurant is a place where you can enjoy tasty burgers, breakfast, and dessert 24 hours a day. You can take a bite out of the original Big Boy burger the chain was built on, or try unique options like the bratwurst burger. Bob’s also boasts a great selection of sandwiches.

This location is no stranger to celebrities. In fact, in 1965 the Beatles wanted to experience a real American diner, so they ate at the Bob’s in Burbank. A plaque commemorates the booth where they ate, and many regulars will request “the Beatles Booth”. Other famous guests include Bob Hope, the Beach Boys, and more.


Chef Ricardo Zarate’s Rosaliné is named after his beloved mother. This Peruvian gem is located inside the old Comme CA space on Melrose. While the menu is built to be South American, diners may notice notes of Japanese cuisine in the flavors of the dishes.

Rosaliné provides a beautiful indoor-outdoor space with a greenhouse back dining area. Diners will enjoy the gorgeous open ceiling design.

The menu guides you through options from the land, the soil, and the sea. It also provides delicious family-style dishes, such as the chaufa paella. You can choose to dine with a large group of people in order to taste through the menu’s shared plates such as their top-notch ceviches and delicious small plates.

The Smokehouse

It’s common to find stars dining at The Smokehouse, as it’s a Burbank staple. Famous guests such as Robert Redford, Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox, the entire cast of Friends have all been spotted eating at the restaurant. It’s a favorite for George Clooney.

Fans of The Office may recognize the restaurant from Jim and Pam’s rehearsal dinner. The Smokehouse has also been featured on Desperate Housewives, CSI, Cold Case, and The Two Coreys.

With the red leather booths and old-time atmosphere, you’ll feel like you’ve walked into the Hollywood of yesteryear. If you enjoy large portions of tasty food, you’ll make regular visits to The Smokehouse. Most regulars will recommend trying the restaurant’s proclaimed best garlic bread in the world.

Commonwealth Restaurant

Enjoy a culinary trip around the world with small-plate dining that packs a punch. Commonwealth aims to provide a unique experience as a contrast to the many chain restaurants found in the area. Instead of simply ordering an entree, you’ll order several small plates to sample the variety the menu offers.

Commonwealth is inspired by countries all over the world. The restaurant is built on the idea that food can bring people from all across the globe together in a quality dining experience.

Crowdpleasers include the grilled New Zealand lamb chops, grilled octopus and brussels, as well as the seared hanger steak. Don’t forget to save room for dessert.


If you’re looking for a new Middle Eastern-inspired eatery, Kismet may soon become a favorite. Kismet gets its name from the Arabic word for destiny or fate, and this restaurant offers Californian food with a Middle Eastern flair.

The restaurant is new to the area as it opened in January 2017, but it’s already received glowing reviews from critics—including The New York Times.

The decor is simple, which allows the bold, colorful food to do the talking. Kismet’s signature dish, jeweled crispy rice with a runny yolk is a must-try highlight on the menu. Diners will also enjoy lemon chicken pies, rabbit for two, barbari bread, and more.


Guisados started with a simple menu and goal—to make delicious, handmade food that tasted just like mother’s cooking. Owners Armando De La Torre Sr. & Jr. focus the concept on the restaurant of recreating that feeling.

Guisados’ straightforward menu offers bold flavors in every bite. Expect your tacos to come out with a medium spice level. All menu items, excluding occasional specials, are gluten free. Diners can find several vegetarian tacos on the menu and vegan options upon request.

Common favorites include: the steak picado (flank steak braised with bacon), the pescado (fish with cabbage, cream, avocado, chile arbol, and pico de gallo all perfectly mixed), and the camarones (shrimp with grilled bell peppers and onions).

Rodini Park

Located in North Hollywood, Rodini Park is a choose-your-own-adventure Greek restaurant that believes your food should be exactly how you like it. If you’re looking for something quick, casual, and delicious, Rodini Park is sure to please.

Diners pick their plate style, filling (meat, eggplant, etc.), toppings, and sauce. This simple process allows almost limitless combinations, which is part of why Rodini Park is ranked in the top 30 restaurants in the US on Yelp!

Leave some room for a tasty treat from the bakery. Enjoy the savory olive onion bread or rosemary sesame ring, or feed your sweet tooth with baklava, cookies, pies and more.C


With an industrial glamour vibe, Bestia sits on the outskirts of the downtown art district. The restaurant’s bold decorations aren’t afraid to make a statement. Diners will find cleavers used as decor throughout the restaurant along with chandeliers fashioned from meat hooks.

Chef Ori provides excellent Italian food throughout the meal including pasta, meat, and pizza courses, but diners will find an extra dose of creativity in his antipasti dishes. Pick from options like pan-roasted gizzards, Genevieve’s Little Gems, and mussels and clams.

Are there any other restaurants that you think should be included within this post? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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  1. How could you miss the finest dining establishment in the Los Angeles area — Ted’s of Beverly Hills? We serve the thickest, juiciest steak and we wrap our baked potatoes in tin foil (yes, I invented it!). Come on down and let me put my wonderful meat in your mouth – at Ted’s of Beverly Hills!

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