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Revisited: A look at some of my favourite airline meals: Breakfast

Airline food is what it is. Some people like it and others find it awful.

When it comes to a red-eye flight across the Atlantic; it can often be challenging to start “the most important meal of the day” off right. Unfortunately a lot of airlines have cut back on their offerings for the morning service, but there are still a few whom really do excel. So lets take a look at some of my favourite breakfasts I have enjoyed at 30,000ft.

  • Waffles with a winter fruit compote.










Waffles are great wherever you are, however I was particularly impressed with the Flaxseed-grain waffles I enjoyed when flying in Premium Economy. They were served with a winter spice fruit compote and maple syrup on the side. The photo above is before I poured over the maple syrup. I may have had a sugar rush, but it did help to fight off the jet lag.

  • Poached eggs with bacon, steamed spinach and muffins.
  • img_0397










Unless it was scrambled, I had never really been a fan of eggs; but that changed about a month ago when I decided to be a little bit daring and order poached eggs on my Business Class flight from Los Angeles to London. Served on a toasted muffin with Canadian bacon and steamed spinach; it was one of the nicest breakfasts I’ve experienced in the air or even on the ground.

  • The good old breakfast box.











Easy for cabin crew to deliver or merely throw at you, the good old boxed-up presentation of a second-service offering still remains on a few carriers at least. On a flight from Orlando to London in Economy, I was pleasantly surprised to find a few items substantial items tucked inside. I’d say that was more than enough to get me fuelled up for the day ahead.

  • English Breakfast anyone?

Okay, this doesn’t actually look appetising but it wasn’t awful. I enjoyed a classic “English” breakfast when flying back from San Francisco with a well-known carrier in their Economy cabin.

a white container with food on it

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