Pete the Kiwi discovers a #BetterWayToFly with Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand have a new fan. Meet Pete, an adorable Kiwi. In a new fun video, we learn a little about Pete’s journey from being a flightless bird to becoming a frequent flyer with Air New Zealand. #BetterWayToFly

The video comes part of a brand new global marketing campaign aimed at U.S. and Canadian residents; demonstrating just how easy it is to fly to Middle Earth. Voiced by Jurassic Park’s Sam Neill – Pete the talking Kiwi has already gone viral online. The campaign is part of a greater push for more international visitors to “flock” to the beauty of NZ.

I’ve had the opportunity to fly with Air New Zealand between London and Los Angeles on quite a few occasions, however I still need to make the journey to Middle Earth itself. For me, Air New Zealand offer a robust product offering across the board, which is strengthened with warm and friendly Kiwi service and innovations which enhance the customer experience. From the Economy Skycouch, to the world’s first biometric bag drop and the ability to order drinks and snacks from the comfort of your seat in-between meal times.

The Auckland-based carrier believes that around 27 million Americans are interested in taking a holiday to New Zealand, which is quite a bit. But the airline who are also known for their fun safety videos are pretty confident they can encourage more travellers from the U.S., Canada and further beyond to step on board their planes for a trip to NZ.

If you cast your minds back, last year we saw Dave the Australian Goose discover flying with Air New Zealand; so who will be next? Steve the Seagull from England? Just an idea AirNZ. 😉

If you want to discover a #BetterWayToFly with Air New Zealand like Pete did, you can discover more here.

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