Two “La La Land” locations you must visit

The smash-hit movie “La La Land” has made a big impression in cinemas around the world. It may have only been released in the UK just over a week ago, but it is making waves over here too.

Being someone whom loves a good movie, music and an excuse to dance; La La Land was the ideal movie for me. Throw in my interest in the City of Angels then you certainly have sold a ticket for me. The movie was filmed across many different locations across Los Angeles County; however today I’m going to mention two locations which you really should visit.

  • Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California
    Nestled just off the Ventura Freeway; the world famous Warner Bros. Studios is where many of our favourite TV shows and movies have been filmed. From “Gilmore Girls” to the Central Perk Cafe from “Friends” or even the opportunity to get up close to some of the props and costumes from J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World – Warner Bros. has it all across 110 acres. A few years ago I went on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour which was a lot of fun!20140522_134721

    The Warner Bros. Studios features in several scenes throughout La La Land; after all – it is Mia’s workplace; although that particular coffee shop does not actually exist… 🙁

  • Griffith Observatory
    Sitting atop Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park, the Griffith Observatory is located 1,134ft above sea level and offers unparalleled views over the City of Angels and beyond. Inside the observatory itself, you can wander around many of the exhibits and visit the Samuel Oschin Planetarium.Admission to the Griffith Observatory is free, however a fee applies should you wish to visit the Planetarium. One of my favourite times to visit is around sunset where you can admire the spectacular views of L.A. just as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately it was a little bit hazy on my last visit…


These are just two locations from La La Land, but of course there are many more to discover.

From Hermosa Beach Pier to Colorado Street Bridge and the Century Freeway – you could spend a day or two just scouting out the locations from the movie.

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    • I think that would be an amazing idea. I really hope someone launches a commercial tour soon. On my last trip to Los Angeles in February, I took a stroll along Hermosa Beach Pier. All I needed was to have “City of Stars” playing. 😉

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