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British Airways unveil new Flying Start video

Building on the success of the first British Airways Flying Start safety video which was introduced last year; the British airline are set to introduce a new video this summer. The new video continues with the format of promoting British Airways’ charity Flying Start.

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Flying Start is the worldwide charity partnership between Comic Relief and BA which has helped to raise millions of pounds to help tackle poverty in communities around the world.

Let’s take a look

The video (which is shorter than the current video shown on-board) features all the important safety instructions as told by several stars whom are “auditioning” to take part in the safety video. Comedian Asim Chaudhry plays “the director” and I must admit the new video is quite fun to watch. Take a look at the “Directors Cut” below which can be viewed on YouTube.

The aspiring safety video stars are…

If you can’t work out who is featured in the video, the stars are:

  • Asim Chadhry as Chabuddy G
  • David Walliams as himself
  • Joanna Lumley as herself
  • Jourdan Dunn as herself
  • Sir Michael Caine as himself
  • Naomie Harris as herself
  • Olivia Colman as herself

You will be able to watch the new safety video on board British Airways short-haul services from July (it will be a gradual roll-out), followed by long-haul services from the beginning of August.

Thoughts on the new video

I really enjoyed the sequel to the initial BA Flying Start Safety Video; it’s full of humour whilst conveying the mandatory safety information. The first video did seem to go on forever (at least I thought so during my trip to BCN a week or so ago); but the new video is a minute shorter which hopefully will mean passengers like myself won’t get bored. Who do I think should get the role in the video? I feel like all the stars do a brilliant job.

Remember you can donate to British Airways Flying Start on-board or via the official website.



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  1. A useful (to shareholders) obfuscation of BA’s failure to offer even basic amenities (water, working seating, ife, adequate catering (log and shorthaul). Flying start would be brilliant if it weren’t masking over a billion in profit with donations from staff and customers rather than the corporation giving even 1% of it’s almost profits. The PR budget is bigger!

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