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Air New Zealand launches emoji travel tips

We have all learned to love the humble emoji over the past few years. For some millennials, it can often be hard to try and construct a sentence on an electronic device without using one! Notice I didn’t use one there though…

Air New Zealand have designed a very interactive tool which allows users to explore what “The Land of the Long White Clouds” has to offer solely by using emojis.

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Photo courtesy of Air New Zealand

How does it work?

Social media users (currently Twitter or Facebook) are encouraged to respond to one of the many Air New Zealand #EmojiJourney posts on the platforms with a combination of emojis that simply describe their perfect New Zealand holiday. This then automatically generates a link to a personalised map of Middle-Earth for them; with emojis taking centre-stage as markers highlighting potential areas of interest.

You can also find out what your Emoji Journey might look like by clicking here

My Emoji Journey

For my journey, I decided to use these emojis… 🍷🚴🏖🤳.
So what was suggested? Quite a lot actually. Here were some of my favourite suggestions…

a collage of images of people and a glass of wine
My AirNZ #EmojiJourney

Final Thoughts

I personally think this is a great way to plan a trip. I still haven’t visited New Zealand; but I will certainly bear the #EmojiJourney interactive tool in mind for when I do eventually make the long journey!

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