Review: Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris

If you are looking to experience the thrill of stepping onto a runaway mine train, then Big Thunder Mountain should be on your list of must-do attractions at Disneyland Paris. So hold on to those hats and glasses!

Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris. Photo – Ben Montgomery

Dubbed “the wildest ride in the wilderness”, Big Thunder Mountain is a roller-coaster type ride that can be found at almost every Disney park around the world. The version at Disneyland Paris has recently emerged from a major refurbishment, which saw the entire attraction receive a well-needed spruce up, including a track overhaul and several new elements which were introduced to it’s sister attraction in California a couple of years ago.

Why I like it

What I love about Big Thunder Mountain is that it is an attraction which can be enjoyed by adults and children alike, as long as you are 1.02m tall that is. Apart from sudden turns, stops and drops – there is no going upside down (hurrah); plus it is a great way to enjoy the views over Disneyland Park from a different perspective. The experience lasts for about five minutes and the maximum speed travelled is approximately 38mph.

What’s different about the Parisian version?

One of the key differences between the Big Thunder Mountain versions around the world is that the version at Disneyland Paris is actually located on an island. Once guests board a train at the station on the mainland, the train enters a tunnel which transports you over to the island for the majority of the ride, before making the journey back to the station.

When is the best time to ride?

Big Thunder Mountain is certainly one of the most popular rides within Disneyland Park, let alone across Disneyland Paris as a whole. The attraction does offer Disney’s FASTPASS service which allows you to obtain a ticket to return and enjoy select attractions later in the day. My advice, enjoy the wildest ride in the wilderness first thing in the morning, whilst the parade is travelling through the park or just before closing; those are without doubt the “off-peak” times.


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