Photo of the week: Doughnuts at 30,000ft!

Doughnuts. Who doesn’t love a light and fluffy sweet snack as a little pick-me up every now and then?

Well, if you happen to be flying with Air New Zealand from London to LA in their award-winning Premium Economy or Business Premier cabins; then you’ll be able to enjoy the delights of eating delicious doughnuts at 30,000ft!


A few years ago the Auckland-based carrier decided to refresh the second meal service which is offered to customers a couple of hours before arriving into LAX. Previously customers would receive a sandwich or hot wrap which was accompanied with a scone. Now you’ll find delicious mini-pies and then doughnuts!

Photo taken on a recent flight from London to Los Angeles.

Photo taken on a recent flight from London to Los Angeles.

Being Air New Zealand, you wouldn’t expect any old Doughnuts from the supermarket to be served. They have teamed up with London-based Crosstown Doughnuts whom serve up a variety of handmade doughnuts which are made fresh every single day.

Flavours and more…

You won’t just find a simple glazed doughnut, Crosstown offer a variety of flavours including Black Forest, Sea Salt Caramel Banana, Chai Latte and even seasonal editions such as a Mince Pie flavour.
Crosstown Doughnuts can be purchased from their flagship store in Soho, several pop-up locations and even at Selfridges and Whole Foods in Central London. But if you ask me, there’s nothing better than enjoying one, two or even three miniature delights to keep your energy levels up before arriving #LAReady with Air New Zealand.

Cross section of a Crosstown Doughnut.

Cross section of a Crosstown Doughnut.


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