Is it time to ditch the scones on flights?

For many years, passengers flying with many airlines from the United Kingdom to a far away destination have been able to experience the delightful treat which is Afternoon Tea. Whether sitting in Economy or in First Class, airlines used to offer sandwiches and scones to every passenger. But now those times have changed.

As several airlines have recently introduced revised meal services, my question is whether travellers have grown bored of the English tradition, and would rather enjoy something a little different for their second-meal on a flight.

What are some airlines offering right now?

A few airlines have moved away from scones to offer little pre-packaged boxes containing a wrap, crisps and a little sweet treat. Personally I think this is a great idea and it is simple for the cabin crew to distribute. On the other hand, some airlines have changed their second service offering to be nothing more than an ambient basket pass. Would you like a fun-sized chocolate bar? It’s one extreme to another between the carriers at the moment.

What I think

Don’t get mewrong, I do love a scone with jam, mini sandwiches and a couple of cakes; but like a few other people I know, we have all grown a little bored of experiencing the same thing over and over again when we fly long haul. It’s actually quite a stodgy thing to eat just before landing. Scones are great, but the unfortunate cabin environment at 30,000ft means they can break up very easily if served warm or could probably be classed as a lethal weapon if served chilled. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

The problem is what could be worthy enough to replace sandwiches and scones for a second meal before landing? Pies, doughnuts, a lobster roll or pizza? What do you think?

Let me know your comments below.

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