British Airways flight updates on Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma continues to affect many islands in the Caribbean and is on-course to make way across the region towards Florida; I thought I would share with you the latest flight information from British Airways.

If you are due to travel over the next couple of days, please do check your flight status regularly.

Latest BA Flight Information – Effective 7/9/17 at 15:00


Antigua airport was closed yesterday (Wednesday), however it is expected to re-open later today.

British Airways flight BA2157 is en-route from LGW to ANU, but will not continue on to Providenciales (PLS).
BA2156 on Fri 8/9 from Tobago and Antigua to Gatwick is expected to operate as scheduled.

Fort Lauderdale

British Airways flight BA2169 is en-route from LGW to FLL. The inbound flight (BA2168) operates as normal.
BA2169 on the 9th of September (Saturday) from Gatwick has been cancelled, along with the return BA2168 service.


BA207 from Heathrow on the Fri 8/9 will operate as scheduled. The BA209 service has been cancelled.
BA206 from Miami to London Heathrow on Fri 8/9 is scheduled to operate as normal.
BA208 from Miami on Fri 8/9 will operate, but has been retimed to depart slightly earlier.
All flights between London Heathrow and Miami on both Sat 9 and Sun 10 September has been cancelled.

Nassau/Grand Cayman

Flight BA0253 on Fri 8/9 from London to Grand Cayman via Nassau will operate direct to Grand Cayman only.
The return flight (BA252) from Grand Cayman to London via Nassau will not stop at Nassau.


BA flights between  Gatwick and Orlando are currently operating as scheduled, but are under continuous review.

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

BA flight BA2256 from Providenciales to Antigua on Sun 10/9 is expected to operate as planned.


Flights between Gatwick and Tampa are currently operating as scheduled, but like the Orlando flights are under continuous review by the Network Operations team. Do check BA.com constantly for further information.

Flights to/from Bermuda, Barbados and Punta Cana are currently operating as normal.

What options do I have if I am due to travel?

If you are due to travel to or from the Caribbean before the 10th of September; BA are allowing customers to travel to an alternative destination in the region or delay your journey to another date before the 30th of the month.

If you are travelling to or from Florida between today (7 Sep) and the 17th, you can fly to the same destination as already booked up to the 14th of October. Customers who no longer wish to travel to Florida have also been given the option to use the value of their ticket towards an alternative destination on BA’s global network.

Things to remember

If you are due to travel to any of these destinations, please do also check with your hotel or accommodation; as many establishments may not be accepting further arrivals and evacuating guests. To view the latest information from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), click here.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by what is being reported as one of the strongest Atlantic storms to date.

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