What’s In A Business Class Amenity Kit

Ah, amenity kits - you either love them, hate them, or perhaps have never even seen one!

When flying in Business Class; airlines have since upped their game to provide only the best amenities in stylish keepsakes; and could be seen as the "things to have". Let's get one thing straight. I know these are "just" amenity kits; but believe me, some airlines' have created such a product - you'll probably find it retailing on various online auction sites!

Today I'm going to take a look at three of my favourite business class amenity kits; let me know what you think of each in the comments below!


If you're lucky enough to be flying in Delta One, that's Delta's answer to Business and First Class; then you'll be delighted to receive a selection of branded goods in a stylish and practical holder designed by Tumi.

So what's inside?

Tumi-designed eye-mask, striped socks and a pen.
Malin + Goetz lip balm, hand-lotion and mouthwash.
A travel-sized toothbrush and paste.
Earplugs and tissues.

What do I think?

I'm a big Malin + Goetz fan and really love the products offered. The Tumi-designed accessories were also good, however I personally thought these could have featured Delta branding. The amenity kit itself was lovely and the packaging even suggested it could be used to carry your charging cables, make-up or stationery. Being the largest airline in the world, I think both Tumi and Malin + Goetz are a perfect collaboration for Delta.

Air New Zealand

They may be a small airline in terms of both numbers and their route network; but Air New Zealand are constantly punching above their weight and grabbing awards *cough* Airline of the Year *cough* that are often kept for the big and mighty. Passengers flying in Business Premier can expect to receive an amenity kit that not only looks stylish, but offers pretty good products too.

So what's inside?

Retro-inspired eye-mask, socks and postcards?!?
Antipodes lip balm and day cream
A full-sized toothbrush and paste.
Earplugs and a branded pen.

What do I think?

This year the Auckland-based carrier are celebrating their 75th Anniversary, and what do I love? Retro-inspired products! I think it is a fantastic way to celebrate Air New Zealand's heritage through some fun designs that would certainly spark a conversation if you wore them anywhere else. The airline used to feature Clarins products, but now they've gone to New-Zealand produced Antipodes; and the quality is very good!

Again, the holder itself is great; and is big enough to fit an iPad. There's also a little zip compartment inside where you can store a few little things. Neat!

British Airways

To Fly. To Serve. That's the slogan used by British Airways; a airline whom often cater towards the business traveller with their First and Business Class cabins. If you're flying in the latter, Club World; then you'll receive your in-flight amenity kit in a neat little drawstring bag.

So what's inside?

Non-branded socks and a pen.
Elemis products, ranging from lip balm, to moisturiser and a revitalising eye-cream.
A travel-sized toothbrush and paste.
Eye-mask and earplugs (not pictured)

What do I think?

The BA amenity kit is good and does what it should, however I do wish there was more branding. The branded bag itself is great... I use it for my shoes when travelling; but I can't think what else I would use it for.

*Disclaimer - The BA amenity kits are currently in the process of being changed. The above was correct at the time of publication.

So there you have it. There is a look at three very different amenity kits.
Out of the above, what one is your favourite and why?

Let me know in the comments below!

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