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Dining Price Comparison: Disneyland Paris vs Walt Disney World

For the young and young at heart, visiting Disney is always a magical experience. Living in the UK, I am fortunate to be only a mere few hours away from Disneyland Paris – whereas Walt Disney World is a very long flight away.

Saying that, I thought I would show a comparison of the cost of a lunchtime meal in both Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World – just so you can work out what might be better value for you. All pricing is correct at the time that this post was published along with the live exchange rates which were taken from XE.com.

Photo taken by Ben in 2011.
Photo taken by Ben in 2011.







I have compared the cost of items sold at Casey’s Corner within both Disneyland Park and the Magic Kingdom at lunchtime. Both dining locations are located along Main Street U.S.A. and offers typical fast-food in a quick-service environment.

Disneyland Paris
A typical hot-dog costs €7.99 with french fries sold separately at €3.59.
A 50cl drink is €3.49

Total cost: €15.07 ($16.98 / £13.09)

Walt Disney World
A typical hot-dog which is served with apple slices or french fries costs $9.49.
A regular sized fountain beverage is $3.29.

Total cost: $12.78 (£9.91)

Cheapest option: Walt Disney World by 27.6%.

By an astounding 27.6%, Casey’s Corner at the Magic Kingdom Park is Orlando provides the cheapest option where you can enjoy your lunch for less. Does the trend for higher dining prices at Disneyland Paris compared to Walt Disney World continue? In short yes, but there are a few exceptions.

Late last year Disneyland Paris announced they would be removing the inclusive buffet breakfast from hotel stays and that this can now be added as an additional option aptly called a Breakfast Plan. For many this was not welcome news, but it actually does make sense. I did a little bit of research and a typical buffet breakfast at Disney’s Newport Bay Club or Hotel New York in Paris will cost £19 per adult. Comparing to a similar buffet-style breakfast at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge in Florida which works out $24.50 – that’s £19.53 according to XE currency today. Therefore it is almost the same.

What do you think about the cost of food at Disneyland Paris vs Walt Disney World? Have you visited both resorts and found the difference in dining to be a detractor from your experience? Also if anyone happens to have eaten at Casey’s Corner in Florida and Paris in a short-period of time and could tell me which meal was better I’d love to know. Stay tuned for a few more articles from my very recent trip to Disneyland Paris!

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