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Air New Zealand’s latest safety video: Summer of Safety

It might be cold and dark here in England, but the Southern Hemisphere is currently enjoying a rather glorious summer.
Not one to dwell on the pretty miserable weather here, Air New Zealand have just released their brand new safety video. Aptly named “Summer of Safety” the new video takes viewers on a quintessential summer road-trip in New Zealand.

The Auckland-based carrier have been renowned for their fun and quirky safety videos which have been filmed all over the place. From the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown in “Safety in Hollywood” to a rather crazy dance-class with Richard Simmons; it’s great to see Air New Zealand showcasing more of their beautiful country – which is still on my bucket list. The scenery in the Bay of Islands looks stunning.

In terms of safety videos, I am a big fan of the narrative of “Summer of Safety” and feels that it conveys all the important messages in a fun and typical way that could only be achieved by Air New Zealand. The airline have also launched a micro-site which provides further information about the video, the locations used and how you can visit the destinations for yourself. Very clever indeed.

Whilst browsing the microsite I found some fun facts which I’d thought I would share with you:

  • Over 100 cast, crew and extras were used to create the safety video.
  • The safety video was filmed in the “Northland” region of New Zealand.
  • The dog in the video is a British Bulldog named Blossom. She is so cute!
  • Extras in the video are local residents whom kindly offered their time to be involved.
  • An array of classic cars were used in the production, including a VW Beetle and Ford Mustang.
Photo taken from the AirNZ Summer of Safety microsite
Photo taken from the AirNZ Summer of Safety microsite









I think that the team at Air New Zealand have done another great job on a new safety video. I admit I am feeling rather jealous that the temperature in the Bay of Islands is expected to be a balmy 24C today whilst it is currently 8C and raining here in the South of England. Time to look into a holiday? Maybe I’ll make it all the way to New Zealand in 2017, only time will tell.

What do you think of Air New Zealand’s latest safety video? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

PS the song which features in the safety video is “The River” by Ladyhawke; who also makes an appearance in the video.

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