Why I love aviation

I am often asked why I like air travel and to be honest there are a number of reasons, but it all comes back to one thing: The experience.

The ability to fly from one side of the world to another in a matter of hours is one thing, but within a metal structure weighed down with equipment is just mind-boggling. Of course I could not mention the ever-changing views outside the window, nor the experience aboard the aircraft itself… whilst travelling the world that is.

I admit, I do visit a number of destinations repeatedly; but there is so much to explore in every city that even visiting several times I still don’t see everything, and probably never will. It is also the perfect excuse to catch up with people whom I now call my best friends, and exercise those Frequent Flyer benefits too.

Do I get bored? Admittedly, yes… but I do my very best to make the most of a long-haul flight every few months or so. Whether it’s an excuse to catch up on the movies or edit photographs, I make it work.

One of the final things I always get asked is how I afford it as let’s face it, aviation is now accessible to all, but it still isn’t cheap. The answer is quite simple. I live to travel, which also means I am savvy in how I spend and save parts of my pay-check. With a little bit of help from my trusty spreadsheet; I can plan ahead and continue to venture into the clouds.

Do you love aviation? I’d love to hear why you love the modern form of air-travel!

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  1. I’m fortunate enough to get to travel a lot. I’m especially fortunate that I can afford to only fly in premium cabins.

    My take on travel is it’s a necessity. I go between New Zealand and Europe at least 6 times per year and I don’t ‘love’ the flying part.

    I can remember before 9-11 when security was not as strict, and security personnel were more friendly. I totally understand why there have been changes, and I completely accept the need for more stringent security. The thing that annoys me at airports is how many travellers seem to have zero idea about preparing for security.

    Planes are much quieter and more comfortable now and that certainly helps, but in general, I want to just get to where I’m going. I couldn’t imagine travelling without lounge access, and I wish First Class Lounges were child free.

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