What should a second service look like?

For years the second service on a long-haul flight has usually consisted of a “light-snack”, and still remains that way today. There are, however, a few airlines who have chosen to implement another “full meal service”; and it seems as though there may now be a little too much food.

On a daytime flight from London to San Francisco, passengers would have already received a full-meal and potentially a little snack (cookie, pretzels etc.) too. So can it be justified to serve another “full-meal” within a short space of time? One airline did implement this service after passenger feedback indicated there wasn’t enough food, but is this taking it a little too far? I think it might be.

Personally I find the “afternoon tea” second service on daytime flights works really well. Passengers receive a sandwich, wrap or salad that’s accompanied with a sweet treat. The only change I’d make is for airlines to offer something different from a Scone. They really do get a little boring after a while. How about Doughnuts? Which is exactly what Air New Zealand offer their Premium customers on the flight from London to Los Angeles.

If you worked in the catering division for an airline, what would you want the second meal service on a daytime flight to look like? Let me know in the comments!

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