JSB on Disney: Delicious treats from Disneyland

A few weeks ago; I was once again at that place called Disneyland; otherwise known as The Happiest Place on Earth.
Since my very first visit to Walt Disney’s original theme park in 2012, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit again and again; believe it or not, I am actually in possession of a Premium Annual Pass!

Anyway, when visiting the resort; there are lots and lots of delicious and tasty treats and snacks that any Disney fan will love or hate.
Today, I’m going to write about one of my favourites: The Disney Candy Apple!

Sold at various locations through Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park at Marceline’s Confectionery at the Downtown Disney District; the Disney Candy Apples are delicious and as it is primarily fruit; you could say it is healthy! 😉

Most, if not all of the apples are made at the Disneyland Resort – and if you go by the candy shop windows, you will most likely see the transformation from a standard piece of fruit to a delicious treat happen right in front of your very eyes!

So what is so special about the apples? Well, for starters Disney tend to use large and sharp green Granny Smith apples that are covered in an assortment of  things ranging from caramel, chocolate, sprinkles, fudge, nuts, chocolate chips, jelly beans, chocolate buttons, marshmallows and many, many more delicious things. Feeling hungry yet? I am!

Although the candy apples are available throughout the year, Disney usually release specially decorated apples for certain holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas!

Take a look at the photographs below that I took during my December ’13 trip to Disneyland!

So who would like a Disney Candy Apple then? 🙂


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