Disney Magic charts course for Norway in 2015

For the very first time, the Disney Magic will explore the Norwegian Fjords, Iceland and the Faroe Islands in summer 2015!

You may recall that Disney did actually sail in Northern Europe a couple of years ago; and I’m happy to see they will also be returning to the Baltic on new itineraries which includes sailings from Copenhagen in Denmark to the iconic St. Petersburg in Russia, somewhere on my bucket list. Additionally, the Disney Magic will sail in the Mediterranean later in the summer (see below).

Andalsnes, Norway. Photo taken on my 7-day cruise in July 2013.
Andalsnes, Norway. Photo taken on my 7-day cruise in July 2013.

Norwegian Fjords Cruises

The Disney Magic will sail on a series of seven and nine-night voyages from Copenhagen where you can experience the charm and splendour of Norway and the history of the mighty Vikings. There will also be a unique eleven-night sailing with maiden calls in Iceland and the Faroe Islands. It’s a little bit of a co-incidence that Disney are sailing to Norway; seeing as it served as the inspiration and backdrop for the animated film “Frozen”.

7-night Norwegian Fjords (Departs on June 6)
Itinerary: Copenhagen (Denmark), Stavanger, Alesund, Geiranger and Bergen (Norway).

9-night Norwegian Fjords (Departs on June 20)
Itinerary: Copenhagen (Denmark), Stavanger, Alesund, Geiranger, Molde, Olden and Bergen (Norway).

11-night Norwegian Fjords and Iceland (Departs on June 29)
Itinerary: Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo, Kristiansand and Stavanger (Norway), Akureyri and Reykjavik (Iceland) overnight, Torshavn (Faroe Islands); Dover (England).


Northern Europe Cruises
During the Disney Magic’s time in Northern Europe, she will sail to the Baltic and explore ports of call in countries including Finland, Sweden and Russia. Departing from Copenhagen (Denmark) and Dover (England).

7-night Northern Europe (Departs on May 30 and June 13)
Itinerary: Copenhagen (Denmark), Tallinn (Estonia), St. Petersburg (Russia), Helsinki (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden).

12-night Northern Europe (Departs on July 10 and 22)
Itinerary: Dover (England), Copenhagen (Denmark), Warnemunde (Germany)*, Stockhom (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), St. Petersburg (Russia), Tallinn (Estonia). *applies only to the sailing on July 10.


Mediterranean Cruises
Once again Disney Cruise Line will return to the increasingly popular cruise region of the Mediterranean; offering a series of sailings from Barcelona.

5-night Mediterranean (Departs on August 10)
Itinerary: Barcelona (Spain), Villefranche (France), La Spezia and Rome (Italy).

7-night Mediterranean (Departs on August 15, 22 and 29)
Itinerary: Barcelona (Spain), Naples, Rome, and Florence (Italy), Villefrance (France).


Don’t all these voyages sound exciting? Well, I am also happy to share that Disney Cruise Line will also be sailing in Alaska, the Bahamas and the Caribbean next summer! For more details on all the 2015 itinerary announcements; see here.

Bookings open this Thursday, March 27. So don’t delay and start planning your 2015 Disney Cruise… today!

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