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An All-American “Feastive” Sparkle at Coast to Coast

As the daylight hours become shorter and temperatures start to drop; we know that Christmas is just around the corner!
The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us; and this festive season, the team at Coast to Coast have created a 3-course Festive Menu filled with yuletide cheer, and that all-important American twist.

If you haven't guessed already, Coast to Coast is an American Restaurant & Bar that is located along the Boardwalk, offering spectacular views over the plethora of boats and yachts in the harbour. You'll find a further eleven restaurants across the country in cities including Newcastle, Birmingham and London to name a few.

I was recently invited to a special blogger/foodie event down the marina, where I was lucky enough to enjoy some of the delicious festive food & drink on offer; courtesy of Executive Chef Andy Hamilton, and Leading Bartender Joyce Brabban. Okay, when I say some of the food and drink; I really mean that I may have over-indulged just a little...

Upon Arrival

It was quite a blustery evening in Brighton, so I was glad to walk into the warm restaurant with good-time American music playing and a whole lot of atmosphere.

I was greeted by some members of the Coast to Coast team, including some whom I have seen before. You could say that I am a regular visitor; since the food and service is great, and they serve two of my all-time favourite treats; pretzels and sweet potato fries.

There was a festive menu on the table, so I couldn't resist looking at what delights awaited. There is a good variety on offer; comprising of 5 starters, 7 main courses and 4 desserts. At least one dish on each course is suitable for vegetarians, and after talking to Executive Chef Andy; they are more than happy to try and accommodate any special requests and/or preferences.

To kick off the evening, I ordered a New Yorker mocktail; which quite simply is Freshly pressed apple juice shaken with fresh lime and pureed mango, delicious.

Cocktail Masterclass

Shortly afterwards, it was time to stand at the bar and watch Lead Bartender Joyce Grabban mix-up some awesome festive-themed Cocktails. I must say that she made mixing cocktails look very easy, and everyone was having a good time.

To kick off, Joyce showcased the Egg Nog cocktail; which is Raisin infused rum mixed with milk, double cream, gingerbread syrup and a whole egg. Yes, there is an entire egg in this drink, although you can't taste it... think of it as a binding ingredient.

Can you spot the egg?!?

We all know that this is a classic festive drink across the pond, and the rum-infused raisins on-top were a crowd pleaser.

Time for a Martini I think, and not just any, but a Chocolate Orange Martini!

I'll tell you now; if you love Jaffa Cakes, then you're going to love this. Eristoff vodka is combined with white chocolate liquer and Cointreau before being shaken up with chocolate bitter and lashings of chocolate syrup. Heaven springs to mind.

I'll admit that I rarely drink, but I could get quite used to a Chocolate Orange Martini, shaken not stirred that is.

For a twist on the classic Bucks fizz; the Mimosa is the answer. Fresh orange juice and Grand Marnier that's lengthened with bubbling Prosecco. It's served in a chilled flute for a crisp and refreshing taste. Perfect to enjoy anytime of the day.

Food Showcase

It was then time to meet Executive Chef Andy Hamilton, who was about to showcase a couple of the dishes that are featured on the menu. First up was one of the starters, Goats Cheese Bruschetta Bites.

Toasted mini ciabatta slices topped with crumbled goats cheese and a fresh pesto bruschetta mix. I'm not a keen cheese lover, but you only get a little taste of the goats cheese since all the flavours combine well. You could always ask for this without the cheese or pesto too. As I said before, they are more than happy to cater to your requirements.

Next up was one of the main courses, a Mushroom Risotto - suitable for vegetarians, of course.

Mixed mushrooms in a white wine risotto garnished with fresh rocket and Grana Padano.
I've only had Risotto a few times before, and can say that a previous attempt at home was more like an epic fail.
However I am pleased to say that I enjoyed this dish, it was very tasty and warming too.

You've heard of Maple Bacon and waffles, well if you like that then you really need to try this Maple Bacon Burger.

In true American style, Coast to Coast have created a burger which I am sure many people will love.
A prime beef burger that's served on a brioche bun with not one, but two rashers of crispy maple bacon, rocket, fresh tomato, red onion, dill pickle, mayo and lashings of maple syrup. It's accompanied with a side of fries (or sweet-potato in my case) and a spicy ketchup dip. Here's a cross-section photo:

It's worth noting that I enjoyed this as three mini-burgers, instead of one big one. If you like the sound of a lot of the burgers on the main menu, some people tend to order three mini-burgers, and have each one of a different variety. For example, you could have one maple bacon, one pulled pork, and one blue cheese. Et voila!

You can't have a Christmas or Thanksgiving meal without Turkey can you? So here it is, the one and only Roast Turkey Dinner.

Succulent roasted turkey breast that's smothered in gravy with a hearty portion of cranberry sauce on the side. It's served with all the usual trimmings; including mashed potato, roast potatoes, pork and sage stuffing, pigs in blankets, Chantenay carrots and green vegetables. Delicious.

Time for dessert, which is one of my favourite things. I do hope you have saved room though, you'll regret it if you didn't! There are four to choose from including the all-American Pecan Pie, Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie Sundae and this beauty...

Not just any Cookie Cheesecake, but an Oreo Cookie Cheesecake!

Made with real Oreo Cookies and served with Oreo ice cream and Chantilly cream, you'll only find this here in the UK and Coast to Coast this Winter. I don't even think it's a cheesecake, it is more heaven on a plate.

One final surprise…

To round-off the evening, Joyce brought round one final cocktail that is sure to bring a smile to all.

The Snowman!

"Do you wanna drink a Snowman?!?"

A blend of frozen Eristoff vodake, white chocolate liquer, double cream and vanilla syrup is all it takes to create this masterpiece. If you'd rather go for the non-alcoholic option, then it's just double cream, chocolate syrup and vanilla syrup. Believe me, this drink is delicious - and if you didn't feel like a dessert (because you didn't leave enough room!) then this could be the answer to your problem.

The Lowdown

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed taking a glimpse of Coast to Coast's festive menu, and I would thoroughly recommend a visit to everyone.

Available from mid-November, the three course menu is £24.95 per person, and two-courses are available for £19.95, inclusive of VAT at the current rate. I think this is great value for money, especially during the merriest time of the year. Whether you are thinking of visiting on your own, as a couple, family, or a large group - make sure Coast to Coast is at the top of your Christmas list.

Thank you once again to the entire Coast to Coast team for a fantastic evening. I'm sure you'll be seeing me very soon!

For more information or to book a table online, please click here.

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