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Why solo trips to Disney are fun!

Hey there! Hope you and yours are keeping safe and well during these uncertain times.

Should I go to Disney on my own? The answer is YES!

It’s a question that I have been and indeed heard asked time and time again, should I really make a solo trip to Disney?
Without a shadow of a doubt, I’d say yes. Sure – the first time might be a little nerve-racking, but you’ll soon understand why you can actually have a lot of fun when roaming the parks… you’ll get to focus on what numero uno wants to see and do!

Tackling Disney solo (and social media) is how I’ve ended up meeting people whom I now call my best friends. But here are a few other reasons why you shouldn’t say no to going solo.

a large silver sphere with a cartoon character in front of it
EPCOT – Taken on my trip in 2018



Most, if not all of the major attractions ( known as E-Tickets) feature Single Rider Lines; which do exactly what the name suggests. More often than not, by utilising one of these lines you’ll end up waiting only minutes before it’s your turn to ride, compared to what could be up to hours in the regular standby line. Yes people do wait in excess of 300-minutes for attractions!

Of course not all attractions offer this service, but it’s always worth asking the Cast Member at the attractions entrance if you can’t see a sign indicating a designated single-rider entrance. I know that groups try to use the Single Rider Line in the hope of not having to wait like everyone else, but Cast Members know this and will split groups up. There are signs everywhere saying groups will be separated. It’s also worth bearing in mind special requests cannot be accommodated…so if you are terrified of sitting in the back row of Splash Mountain… sorry!


Roaming around Disney on your own doesn’t mean you need to forgo enjoying a meal at your favourite table-service restaurant. It’s actually a great way to enjoy a meal, read a book in-between courses and chat to your server.

a plate of food with a cup of liquid and a waffle in the shape of a rose
Mickey Waffle – Disneyland (CA) 2018. Photo by Ben Montgomery.



































I’ve now experienced fantastic service on several occasions when dining alone at restaurants including Cafe Orleans in Disneyland Park and Wine Country Trattoria at Disney California Adventure. The waiting staff regularly walked by and checked in on me. So much so, that they actually provided me with useful tips on how to make the most of my trip and most importantly what to eat!


Everyone loves taking a photo with the fabulous Disney characters, so why should a solo visit be any different? In my experience, you’ll be able to meticulously plan in advance what characters you want to meet and make a beeline for where they are due to appear before the lines start to get too long. I’ve had several fun character moments during solo trips with the likes of the Evil Queen, Captain Hook, Chip and Dale and of course… Mickey Mouse!

a man standing next to a person in a garment
Ben hanging out with Mickey Mouse during Halloweentime at Disneyland – October 2019

You may find you’ll start to chat to other theme park-goers in the queue too. Then might have a group to hang out with for the rest of the day. I’m still waiting to meet that someone special and think it could happen at Disney. It’s all part of the fun Disney experience.





From street performers to the daily parades and shows, there is always something going on somewhere within the theme-parks. It’s certainly worth picking up a map and times guide and working out what you want to see in advance or whilst you are enjoying your morning coffee. I personally enjoy sitting back and soaking up the atmosphere in different areas of the theme parks and acts like Five and Dime along Buena Vista Street are always fun to watch.


You see? There are so many reasons why heading into a Disney park on your own can be fun!

Have you ever been to the Disney Parks solo? What did you think of your experience and is there any other tips you’d like to add? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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