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Top 20 places for star spotting in London and Los Angeles

London and Los Angeles are two destinations close to my heart; and they also happen to be where you may run into a celebrity or two. Air New Zealand have designed a fun “Star Spotter Guide Map” which highlights twenty of the top bars, restaurants and areas where you may just find a celebrity in either city.

Now that the 90th Academy Awards (Oscars) have concluded, you may still find a few stars in LA, whilst others may now be back in London working on their next projects.

There are certainly quite a few locations on the list for LA and London; and as someone who has been to both cities I have actually visited several of the establishments. So before the guide (which you can download and use for your travels), here’s where a couple of places I have visited.

Los Angeles

The Grove
A mix of retail and dining options which is next to the world-famous Los Angeles Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax. P.S. You will want to visit on an empty stomach. There is so much to choose from. The array of retail outlets is also great, there is literally something for everyone.

The Ivy
I was fortunate enough to visit The Ivy during my 21st birthday trip to Southern California. Although the guide map says The Ivy isn’t renowned for its food… I was actually very impressed. The freshly baked cookies are to-die-for. I actually ended up buying an entire box and took them back home to the U.K. with me!

Located in West Hollywood, Cecconi’s is a great restaurant where you will most likely run into someone famous. I’ve been to Cecconi’s a couple of time for breakfast and it really is very good. Cecconi’s is also home to the weekly “Brits In LA” breakfast club. $15 for breakfast (including the tip) is amazing.

Of course Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) had to make it onto the list. I’ve often walked past someone I thought I have recognised from the stage or screen as I’ve flown through the airport.


Liberty of London
Liberty is what I could only describe as a quirky department store located steps from the world-famous Carnaby Street.

a map of london with a plane flying

Source Link: Air New Zealand’s celebrity spotting map guide!


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