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If you’re visiting Beverly Hills and are thinking of somewhere to grab a meal with friends, family or your loved ones – then today’s post might be for you. I had the opportunity to dine at the prestigious “The Ivy” in Beverly Hills and thought I’d share my review with you.

Before I delve any deeper, The Ivy Restaurants in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica are not connected to The Ivy Restaurant in London; but they are equally as popular. The name does carry some weight. I’d say the Ivy is a restaurant perfect for a special occasion, celebration, or just an excuse for a really good meal. It is on the pricer side, but it is worth it.

Photo – The Ivy Restaurants


Located on 113 N. Robertson Boulevard, The Ivy is very close to a number of high-end boutiques, talent and wealth management agencies. The restaurant looks like a typical country-cottage on the outside and inside you’ll find a multitude of rooms adorned with flowers. It is really pretty. The restaurant is renowned for being a restaurant to the stars. You are in Beverly Hills of course.

I love the decor and the fresh flowers.



Let’s get down to the important things. The Ivy is incredibly popular, so I strongly recommend that you book up early for when you want to visit. I regularly use OpenTable for my dining reservations when I travel, it is ever so easy.

When you check-in to the restaurant with a host, you are greeted with a nice cold glass of Champagne.

Champagne anyone?

Food + Drink

The menu at The Ivy is quite extensive and there are several dishes which I really like. On this particular visit, my friends and I decided to grab a couple of starters to share and then a main. Below I’ve included some of my personal recommendations:

  • Ivy Caesar salad
  • Wild calamari (French fried or quickly skillet cooked) with olive oil and lemon
  • Fresh guacamole with homemade tortillas
  • From the Mesquite Grill: Jidori natural lime chicken breast. Served with French fries.
  • Ivy Fish + chips. Fresh fish, scallops, prawns (shrimp) and calamari with French fries and onion rings
  • Fresh wild Maine lobster. Served with linguini or risotto, tomatoes, herbs and spices


In the photo below you can see the Jidori chicken breast, Lobster tacos and the seafood dish of the day. My friends and I ended up trying a little of each-others meals and they were all fresh and tasty. I’d also add that the Sourdough bread is terrifyingly delicious. If I’m not careful, I could very easily fill up on the bread service before anything else. Doh!

Moving onto dessert, there are again plenty of options. From Red Velvet cake to a Blackberry apple crumble and The Ivy’s very own Sundae, too much choice. Be warned that if you are celebrating a special occasion you can let your server know and order the celebration dessert platter. It’s more than enough to share and is brought to your table in style.
In the photo above you’ll find a smaller portion of the Red Velvet cake, Key Lime pie, pecan square and The Ivy’s famous chocolate chip cookies. You can actually take home a pound of the cookies. They were so good that I did just that and they lasted for several days when I got back to England.
The Ivy in Beverly Hills is a trendy and iconic restaurant which really does live up to the hype. A rarity I know. Would I recommend a meal there? Yes. Would I return myself. Of course, even just for the cookies.
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  1. So looking forward to have Lunch, upon my return in June. Everything about #TheIvy looks amazing. See you very soon. Ms.Terry L Woods Wesley

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