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Delta reinvents the international Main Cabin dining experience

Today Delta Air Lines have unveiled a brand new inflight dining experience which will feature in the Main (Economy) Cabin on international flights. The series of investments to enhance the passenger experience are set to debut on board select flights with the U.S. carrier from November and will continue into next year.

At a time when other airlines seem to be cutting back on their service offerings, it is very refreshing to see Delta doing the exact opposite. There are quite a few elements to make up the new experience, but I’ve listed some of the key ones below:

Main Cabin 2

Customer Experience Menu Cards – November
Forget about the long name, the menu cards will include information on the timings for each meal service along with details of what food and drink is available for passengers to enjoy during their flight. Menu cards are something which seem to have a love-to-hate relationship with airlines. Some still feature them, others list the F&B options on the Inflight Entertainment (IFE), and others just make on-board announcements which are sometimes very hard to hear.

Upgraded Cutlery – December

Upgraded Meals and new Serviceware – Mid 2018
Featuring re-designed trays and upgraded serviceware, it is great to hear that Delta are trying to create a restaurant-style dining experience for Economy customers in the air. As part of the carriers culinary strategy, the investment into new serviceware will allow Delta to assess the functionality of each piece of serviceware and ensure they introduce cups, dishes etc. which are able to be re-used time and time again. Whilst we don’t know anything about the new menus itself, Delta do have a great track record for delivering impressive food within Delta One; I am pretty confident we can experience the same in the Main Cabin.

Amenities Galore!
If all the above wasn’t enough, Delta are set to introduce the Delta Comfort+ and Main Cabin pillows on all long-haul international flights which will provide additional comfort. This element complements the recent investment into amenity kits and upgraded blankets.

What do you think about the latest announcements from Delta? Is it a step forward for the passenger experience (#PaxEx)? I think is. The news comes after the airline announced free in-flight messaging and a whole host of other investments.


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