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JetBlue Vacations’ office souvenir range reminds us why we need to take a vacation

The popular online booking website Expedia recently conducted a survey which indicated that 91% of adults feel some of their best memories in life come from taking a holiday, which I wouldn’t argue with. JetBlue Vacations think that this is very important and I do too.

In the modern day where we all seem to working  more for less money and less time away from work; but JetBlue Vacations have done something quite clever. The holiday-arm of the airline have re-imagined what typical modern office souvenirs would look like, albeit without the vacation element. Call this “Office Souvenirs to remind us of the vacations we need to take”.

a coffee maker and mugs on a counter
All photos: JetBlue Vacations

Featuring typical trinkets (such as the elusive fridge magnets) we would all expect to see in a souvenir shop at a destination (without the holiday element), the limited-edition collection is available for purchase on ShopJetBlue.com and to be honest I love the idea. Fortune even shared an article online claiming JetBlue are trolling office workers everywhere encouraging them to take a vacation. Very clever marketing in my opinion. I thought I’d share some of my favourite “souvenirs” with you below.

Let’s be honest, if we all had souvenirs like this within our workplace or homes I have no idea what the world would be like. I admit I am a souvenir-hoarder and will pick up even the most ridiculous of things as a memory of a trip. Even the branded paper drinks napkin. I have a serious problem you know. Would anyone else like a spreadsheet towel as a souvenir. I’m ashamed today I actually think that’s quite cool.

For me a holiday/vacation/trip/escape (whatever you call it) is very important. I feel that travel allows us to expand our horizons, learn about new things, understand different cultures and try something out of the ordinary. I always went with the belief that you can only learn so much in a classroom, whereas travel allows you to learn so much – even about yourself.

I actually think I need some of these within my office here in the UK, not that I really need more reminders that I need another holiday – it’s just the travel bug within me. So, will you be hopping over the JetBlue’s online store to purchase some of these, or look at their great fares at the moment. Probably the latter I’d say, but I love this. I would actually buy some of these if they could be shipped to the U.K. and give them as presents to my colleagues at work. They’ll love me, I’m sure.

ShopBlue, the JetBlue store does actually stock a variety of branded items which are quite cool. You can view the full range online.

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