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Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Continuing with this week’s theme of news from the D23 Expo, today I’m sharing the news of a brand new attraction which will be rolling into Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida. May I present to you Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway!

cartoon characters driving a car
Photo: Disney/D23

Replacing The Great Movie Ride (Closing Aug 13), the new attraction will feature an original story taking guests on a journey inside the world of the beloved “Mickey Mouse” cartoon shorts. The new ride-through attraction is set to use technology which can transform the flat cartoon world into an incredible dimensional display.

What I find exciting is that this will be the first ever Mickey-themed ride-through attraction in the history of Disney Parks. If this is successful, could this paint a pathway for the future? Who knows!

I love the Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts. For me, they are something which brings all ages together to simply sit back and have a laugh. Whilst I am sad to see The Great Movie Ride fade into yesteryear, the attraction had become somewhat dated. It is great to see something new and exciting take it’s place within Disney’s Hollywood Studios, especially at a time where there is so much construction going on.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is currently in the midst of a major expansion which will see the debut of a 14-acre Star Wars land named Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge that is set to open in 2019. In addition, construction on Toy Story Land is also well underway. In a few years time Disney’s Hollywood Studios will look very different to what it does at the moment. It is certainly a very exciting time for the park and Walt Disney World as a whole. 2021 will be the 50th anniversary of the most visited vacation destination in the world!

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  1. I’m excited to see this ride! The new technology sounds really cool. I was always baffled how the parks had no ride devoted to the mouse who basically started it all. You can’t be a true Disney nerd and not have a soft spot for Mikey 🙂

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