Today is the day: Airlines move locations at Gatwick

After two years of planning, today is they day where Gatwick Airport Limit finally have their wish granted.

easyJet are now operating solely out of the North Terminal. Previously, the low-cost carrier has split its operation between both the North and South Terminals, which often caused confusion for passengers and was quite an expensive business. Over the past few years, the carrier has drastically expanded the number of routes from the West Sussex airport which even saw it overtake British Airways as the airports largest customer. Now easyJet have the perfect operation at Gatwick’s North Terminal with an ultra-modern check-in and bag drop facility, newly opened security screening area and peace of mind that customers now need only visit the North Terminal if they are flying orange.

In order for easyJet to base its entire operation in the North Terminal, one airline has had to move home after 28 years. British Airways has sort-of gone in a full circle and today returned to the South Terminal, which is where it began a Gatwick operation many years ago. For BA, moving back to the South Terminal puts it at an advantage seeing as the terminal boasts the rail station which offers direct links to London and the South of England.

The move has also seen rival Virgin Atlantic switch terminals, where the airline now takes residence in Zone A of the North Terminal where BA were located. It’s just a two-minute journey away via the 24-hour monorail service.

To accommodate the airline shuffle, both passengers of Virgin Atlantic and BA have seen a lot of changes over the past few years, including temporary lounges, multiple hoardings in the zones and changes to the check-in experience. The move has allowed both airlines to take a look at their current operation at Gatwick and design brand new check-in, bag-drop and lounge areas for their passengers. From the introduction of self-service-bag-drop machines at BA to what I think will be stunning new lounges for both airlines; the changes are quite vast. A good move for the passenger experience? Without a doubt.

Will you be flying from Gatwick soon? I’d love to know what you think of the airline changes.

easyJet are now located on Level 1 of the North Terminal.
British Airways are now located in Zone A of the South Terminal.
Virgin Atlantic are now located in Zone A of the North Terminal.

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