Review: “Arrivals” Documentary at Heathrow Airport

Earlier this week, the UK broadcaster Channel 4 debuted a new show that took place at Heathrow Airport.

Aptly titled “Arrivals” the hour-long documentary captured the moment which thousands of people experience each and every day – when they are reunited with their friends, family or colleagues. Filmed over several weeks across the arrivals halls at Heathrow Terminal’s 2, 3, 4 and 5; the documentary provided a great perspective of just how emotional reunions can be.

Whether it was for a daughter returning home from an early honeymoon in South America to a father being reunited with his young son with thanks to the Red Cross. Thousands of passengers arrive into Heathrow Airport each day from around the world, which totals to more than 75 million passengers each year.

I thought the documentary was well executed and I would certainly love to see more episodes commissioned. From seeing people rush up to their loved ones at first sight to tears of joy and happiness – the show was aired at the perfect time just after the festive season when many people might be returning home after going away for the holidays.

The programme got me thinking whether you have ever experienced an emotional reunion at the airport. I would love to hear your stories. Sadly I can’t think of one in particular – but it is always nice to just wander into the coffee shop after meeting up with my parents and chat about my latest adventures.

You can watch Arrivals on All 4 until the end of the month.


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