How to save on food and drink at the airport

Depending on your travel routine, the chances are you’ll most likely want to grab a coffee and a little something to eat before you fly; which can often take quite a chunk out of your wallet… not really ideal when your holiday is only just beginning.

I’ve always noticed a premium price on food and drink I’ve purchased at the airport – as it’s a captive market and of course the retailers want to make as much money as possible, because that’s business-sense right? And to help cover the airport fees too. I’ve compiled a list of some ways you can save a little bit of cash without having to ditch your pre-flight snack.

Look out for special offers

Airside eateries and to a certain extent retail outlets may occasionally run promotional offers where you can save 10, 15 or even 20% on your bill, allow kids to eat for free or even offer 2 for 1 on drinks; all of which are great. It’s certainly worth taking a look at the airport’s website before you travel to see if any promotions are listed. Better still, take a look at the individual location’s website too. Although most may carry stipulations that offers cannot be redeemed at airport locations, you might stumble across some that don’t mention anything of the sort.

Are you a Coffee Club member?

If you are, fantastic. In some cases you may be able to earn and redeem your “coffee points” against purchases made at the location. Although many are operated by individual or group franchises; it’s worth asking the barista.

Sign up to the airport’s newsletter and loyalty program

Another great tip is to sign-up to the newsletter for the airport you are travelling through. The majority of the airport’s here in the UK offer this service and there may even be an area where you can let them know when you’ll be passing through. This will allow the airport to send you a variety of emails in the run-up to your trip – potentially including member exclusive offers. Another perk might be the option to earn and redeem points through the airport authority themselves, which can be exchanged for “instant rewards” at a variety of on-site locations or vouchers. You’ll also find that you may be entitled to complimentary WiFi for a longer amount of time.

Do you have any further tips on how to save money at the airport? Of course you could always bring your own food and drink, but with the 100ml liquid restrictions through security and the hassle – it’s sometimes worth putting in a little effort to do some research before you travel.

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