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Tried + Tested: Mobile Check In with Air New Zealand

A few years ago, passengers would need to stand in a queue at the airport to check-in for their flight a couple of hours prior to departure. Today, we are able to check-in remotely up to 24-hours before – which saves precious time on the day.

The simplicity of online/mobile check-in is fantastic and its something that is very popular.

I recently used Air New Zealand’s mobile check-in facility when checking-in for a flight to Los Angeles.
The process itself was pretty simple and I have included some screenshots from my experience below.

I already had the AirNZ Mobile App installed on my iPhone and received a notification shortly after the -24hr mark letting me know that online check-in was open. I then navigated to the home screen and followed the blue path.












On the next page I was asked to confirm my flight details, passport information and to indicate how many bags I wished to check-in. The page also included information on Air New Zealand’s baggage policy and the list of goods which are prohibited from carriage. Moving forward, I was then able to select a seat or confirm my previous selection.












The final page allowed me to confirm all my details and to add emergency contact details, before seeing the glorious screen which indicated I had successfully checked-in for my flight. Yippee!

From the home screen I was able to view my mobile boarding pass and add it to my Apple Wallet.












The entire check-in process took approximately two and a half minutes, which was great. All I need to do when I arrive at the airport is to visit one of the self-service kiosks to scan my passport and print my bag tag before heading to one of the dedicated bag drop desks.













It seems as though almost every airline now offers an online/mobile-check in facility. What do you think about this service?

Are you someone who swears by it, or do you prefer the old fashioned method and experience the complete check-in process at a single desk at the airport?

Whilst I love having a mobile boarding pass, I will ask for a paper boarding pass at the airport. Just so I can add it to my scrapbook.

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  1. Hi, I just want to know how you manage to get your boarding pass from the Air New Zealand app to Apple Wallets.

    I do apologise for disturbing you at this time.

    1. Hi there! Once you have successfully checked in via the app, you should be given the option to “View Boarding Pass” and there should be a button saying “Add to Wallet”. Simply click on that and the pass should then show up in Apple Wallet. 😀

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