Meet Dave – The star of Air New Zealand’s #BetterWayToFly Campaign

Allow me to introduce you to Dave; a migratory bird who happens to be one of Air New Zealand’s newest frequent flyers.

Flying across the mighty Pacific Ocean every year mustn’t be an easy task for a bird, but it looks like Dave might have found a better way to travel. Take a look at the video below and see just why Dave loves to fly with Air New Zealand.

The video was released as part of Air New Zealand’s #BetterWayToFly campaign; which highlight’s the Auckland-based carriers flights from Australia to North America, South America and farther afield. Of course the video is truly Air New Zealand and evokes a fun and humorous approach… whilst promoting some of AirNZ’s key selling points.

I must also agree with Dave as I do enjoy flying with Air New Zealand to and from LA. They have a solid product, an intuitive IFE system, good catering and fantastic cabin crew.

I’d love to know what you think of the video, and whether you agree with Dave!

Video credit: Air New Zealand on YouTube.
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