Travelling with friends? Make separate flight bookings

It’s always great when a bunch of friends or couples decide to go on holiday together and make a single booking for all their flights. But I am sure many of you may not have considered what happens if Person A falls out with B, so no longer wants to travel… who has the authority to contact the airline to make some changes? You’d probably think it’s the lead passenger on the booking, but in some cases it could be any named passenger on the booking. That’s the case with a handful of airlines at least.

Look at it this way:

Person A booked flights for themselves and Person B to travel to Orlando in Florida. However Person B ends up falling out with Person A over something and doesn’t want to travel with them anymore. Person B is within their rights to contact the airline, divide themselves off onto a separate booking, change the dates of travel and even the route – all without even needing to check with Person A. It seems crazy, but airlines would have to take your word for it and you had discussed this with the other passenger beforehand. Of course Person A could simply manage the situation effectively and ask Person B whether they want to just cancel, process a name change or split the bookings… but that doesn’t always happen.

What do you think about this crazy loophole in some airline’s policies? I’ve heard this happen to several individuals on a number of occasions, and I still question why airlines haven’t looked to fix this.



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