JSB on Disney: An insider guide to FASTPASS+ at Walt disney World

Since the launch of My Disney Experience, many visitors to Walt Disney World have renounced joy at the ability to schedule specific attractions and shows using FASTPASS even before they need to think about packing for their holiday. How you may ask? They can simply schedule these online or via the My Disney Experience mobile and tablet app.

In principle, guests are able to plan up to three (3) activities at one of the theme parks for each day of their stay in advance. If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort owned and operated hotel, you are able to do this sixty days prior to your visit, whilst other guests are able to plan out thirty days in advance. Valid theme park admission is required and you can easily link your theme park ticket to your My Disney Experience account; and also manage the plans of other individuals by adding them as a friend or family member.

The lowdown

FASTPASS + can be used to schedule reservations to enjoy many attractions and select shows/spectaculars across the four theme parks. Here’s a quick guide on how to use the system:

  • Access your My Disney Experience account via the dedicated website or mobile-application.
  • Select the members of your group whom will be joining you on that particular day.
  • Choose which park you wish to visit, along with the date and timeframe (morning, afternoon, evening).
  • Based on those selections above, you’ll be able to view a list of available experiences.
  • Select up to three attractions/shows (if applicable), and choose from an available time slot.
  • When your FASTPASS+ time rolls around, simply enter the attraction through the designated entrance.

You are permitted to plan up to three experiences in one park for each day of your visit. Once you have used all three FP+ selections for that day, you can then select a new FP+ selection either at the same park, or perhaps somewhere different. Once you have enjoyed that FP+ experience, you may select another… and so on. This feature was previously only available to guests when visiting an in-park kiosk; so the ability to now choose your additional FP+ selection using the mobile-app is fantastic.

Working around low availability

Let’s say there were three persons in your group, but when you search for “Toy Story Midway Mania” nothing shows as available. However when searching for two persons you find an available slot. You could always split your party into two grounds (2) and (1) and then look for available times this way. More often than not you might find an overlap so you will all actually be able to enjoy the attraction as a group.

Saying that if there is one piece of advice I could give you, then I would say be patient and keep checking back for late availability. Guests are always switching out experiences for another, and you might be able to get that reservation for the Frozen Sing-along that was at the top of your must-do list. The Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train attraction in the Magic Kingdom is incredibly popular; but you may find a few slots available towards the end of the day; especially during the Main Street Electrical Parade or Wishes fireworks spectacular.


FASTPASS + truly is a fantastic way to plan out various aspects of your holiday and it is all part of the My Disney Experience. From the website or application you are also able to schedule dining reservations and incorporate reminders for other events into your itinerary.

What do you think of FASTPASS+? Has it added to your Walt Disney World holiday, or perhaps you preferred the days where you simply had to wait in line, or obtain a paper-based ticket. Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I think this is a terrible idea. There are people who just like to enjoy the experience without having to have “appointments” to be in specific places and times throughout their entire stay.

    And if you don’t schedule every place and time you are left to wait in massive lines while others continue to walk in ahead of you.

    Removes all spontaneity and enjoyment of discovery from the “adventure”. Enjoyment continued to decline year after year.

    • Thanks for your comments Dave. Initially I did feel the same about the My Disney Experience project; but after a recent trip to Walt Disney World I actually enjoyed it. I do agree with you that it does seem like you have to plan every aspect of your holiday, which is a pain – but I guess it will be the norm going forward. Even cruise lines are following suit. 🙁

  2. You’re a little out of date. Disney has recently instituted much more flexibility in picking your FP individually based on time rather than just them giving you the 4 packages to choose from. And also – for your additional FP after you’ve used the first three – you can now get them on your phone which is far preferable to using the kiosks. FP availability is constantly changing so when looking on your phone, the times available in 5 minutes will be different from what you see now. You can often get an earlier time just by checking frequently.

    • Hi David. Apologies that you felt my post was a little out-of-date. I did actually reference towards the end of the article about the recent updates; but I have now made it a little clearer. What do you think of the FP+ initiative?

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