Making the most of a long-haul flight

Flying long-haul can be tough, and I’m often asked how do I personally make the most of a long journey. Today I thought I’d share some of my personal tips with you, in how I make the most of a long-haul flight.



  • Living a hectic lifestyle means I don’t usually have time to go to the cinema, so I usually end up watching some of the latest movies when flying. If you didn’t know already, airlines usually get the latest releases from the cinema 90 days after their cinema debut. Stay tuned for a post on JSB next week for more insight into the world of Inflight Entertainment!
  • I’ve flown a number of times on airlines that are yet to go down the connectivity route and I actually prefer it. For those few hours I can quite happily cope with not being able to receive text-messages and check social media every few minutes or so. I have the opportunity to work on an upcoming presentation on my laptop, use the iPad to jot down some notes and even draft a few emails so they are ready to send when I’m back on the ground. Depending on when I’m flying, that usually takes up an hour at least.
  • Enjoy the meal service. Airline food is what it is. You either like it or you won’t. When it’s time to eat, I tend to pause whatever I was watching on the in-flight entertainment system and enjoy my meal. I’ll then pick up where I left off whilst enjoying a refreshing hot beverage. That kills at least 30-40 minutes or so from each meal service.
  • Flying can be exhausting, so it’s important to rest-up. I tend to try to snooze for a couple of hours, just enough so at least I’ll feel alive when I arrive at my destination. Noise cancelling headphones and a comfortable pillow are a necessity.
  • Take a magazine with you to read on-board during the flight. I’ll usually pick up one or two travel-themed (surprise!) magazines whilst I’m wandering around the departures area. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to read something from cover to cover without doing anything else. That usually kills an hour or so per magazine.
  • Research your destination. Airlines have really upped their game in terms of what is available from the IFE system. So much so,  you may find in-depth destination guides, videos or even a TripAdvisor application; so you can plan what you want to see and do during your trip. Another great tip is to ask the cabin crew as they often have a number of great ideas that may include visiting places off the beaten track.

Those are just a few of my tips for flying long-haul. Do you have any other tips you’d like to share with the flying community? Let’s see them in the comment box below.

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