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I would like to wish one and all a very happy 4th of July celebration, otherwise known as Independence Day; which began way back in 1776 when America declared independence from Great Britain. There's no hard feelings here though.

Nowadays, the national holiday is associated with parades and spectacular firework displays across the nation, including the Macy's famous 4th of July celebration. You’ll also find a number of special events, gatherings, and other things going on throughout the world!

We all know that when you visit America you've not going to leave hungry; there's some pretty awesome foods around, and the downright weird too.
In celebration of the national holiday, I’d like to share with you some American treats that I happen to adore!

Warning: You may get very hungry, so read on at your own risk!


Pop-Tarts are a delicious snack that can be enjoyed any time of day. Basically they are pre-baked toasting pastries with sweet and delicious sugary fillings; such as Strawberry, Chocolate and Raspberry amongst many others. I’m glad that you can now find these treats on the shelves of many UK supermarkets!

Lucky Charms

If you haven't tried Lucky Charms; then you simply must! It has got to be one of the best cereals in existence. Think of a hearty bowl of toasted Oats complete with colourful marshmallows; delicious!

Candy Apples

I first enjoyed a Candy Apple from Disneyland in California a couple of years ago; and since then it has become a must-have on each trip. Picture a tart apple covered in caramel, chocolate, and then candy or a delicious nut coating. And voila! You’ve got a delicious treat which *may* count as 1 of your 5-a-day! The designs are pretty cute too, huh?

Ghiradelli Chocolate

In my humble opinion, Ghirardelli is the one of the best chocolate companies in the world. Their assortment of flavoured chocolates is extensive; and if you have ever tried one of their Brownies or Ice Cream Sundaes then you'll be hooked for life!

Apple Pie and Ice Cream

You could associate many regions of the USA with a Pie, such as Florida and their delicious Key Lime Pie. Saying that, one of my favourite forms has to be the classic Apple Pie. Whether it is an individual portion or a slice; service it with a generous scoop of Ice Cream and you've got a classic American dessert.

Of course there are many other delicious treats from the States that I love; but writing this has made me pretty hungry. So I think I’m going to have to leave it there otherwise I may end up eating all of the Ghiradelli Chocolates I brought home with me... 😉

Have a safe, happy and delicious fourth of July everyone!

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