Air New Zealand show us Brits how to #reLAX

For the past week, the folks at Air New Zealand have been touring the UK showing us Brits how to #reLAX and arrive in style when flying between London, Los Angeles and Auckland on their innovative Economy SkyCouch and Premium Economy Spaceseats.

Visiting a different city each day, the #AirNZreLAX Tour Bus has welcomed members of the travel industry and passers by on-board for a chance to experience the seats for themselves, and see why the airline ensure that passengers arrive LA Ready. Along with the tour, Air New Zealand are currently running a competition where you can be within a chance of winning flights to LA on the SkyCouch!

Today, the #AirNZreLAX truck made a stop in Brighton, my hometown! Therefore I simply had to pay a visit.

I was welcomed on board my Nick; whom is one of the Leisure Account Managers at the airline. Although I have actually experienced both the Economy SkyCouch and Premium Economy Spaceseat before; it was very interesting to learn more about the products, including things that I did not know before.

I also met Andrew; whom is one of the flight attendants from Air New Zealand. Although being a member of cabin crew may not be everyone's cup of tea, it was certainly apparent to me that Andrew is incredibly proud to work for AirNZ and passionate about delivering exceptional customer service.

The SkyCouch

In short, a SkyCouch is a trio of Economy seats that can be transformed into a 5' 1" couch in just a few simple steps! The science behind it is simple. Each seat has a leg rest which can be raised at the touch of a button to either 60 or 90 degrees. Complete with a soft fleece and comfy pillows, you'd probably feel like you have got your very own couch on the plane. I certainly did. There are 20 SkyCouches on each Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

Premium Economy Spaceseat

The revolutionary Premium Economy Spaceseat has a fixed-shell design that means the seat in-front of you cannot invade your personal space. With a generous 42" seat pitch, passengers can look forward to flying in comfort and style. There are 44 seats in the Premium cabin in a 2-2-2 configuration, with the inner seats designed for couples and the outer ones perfect for those whom want to work or relax.

During my tour of the #AirNZreLAX truck, my photo was taken and as I left I was given a printed copy as a souvenir to take home along with some little goodies, which was a nice treat. Overall I thought the #AirNZreLAX truck was a great idea, caught the attention of passers by and generated interest in two of Air New Zealand's innovative products. I hope to be flying to LA again real soon!

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