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Friday January 31st

I was awake bright and early to watch us secure alongside our berth in Bridgetown before grabbing  a little bit of breakfast. At 08:00 I had to visit Havana on Deck 7 to undergo the immigration formalities in Barbados. The entire process took no longer than sixty seconds; all I had to do was present my cruise card, passport, and a completed customs and immigration form to the local authorities and then I received a little white card which indicates that I’ve been immigrated. This card would then be taken from me when I arrive at the airport tomorrow in preparation for my flight home.

After completing the formalities I headed down to my cabin to do a spot of packing before venturing  ashore for a couple of hours. From the pier I walked to the cruise terminal where I was surprised to see a vast array of shops selling duty-free, sundries and souvenirs in addition to an outdoor bar which was very busy. I had to walk through the terminal in order to catch a shuttle bus into central Bridgetown which was reasonable at $2 per person each way. Once I was dropped off along the main street I walked along towards the Independence Square and across the bridge to the waterfront marina and a quaint little water-side cafe where I got a drink. As I was sitting there I noticed a lot of people looking down into the harbour by a motor-yacht where there was a man gutting a large Tuna. It turns out there was a Turtle swimming around, I managed to catch a glimpse of the creature; but it was gone by the time I had got my camera out.

The view from Carlisle Bay in Barbados

The view from Carlisle Bay in Barbados

After my drink I hopped in another taxi to the beach. I went to the Harbor Lights beach bar and grill which is located within the popular Carlisle Bay. For $15 you could rent two sun-loungers and an umbrella for the day or just sit back and relax in the bar and walk down to the white-sandy beach when you felt like it. The temperature around noon was 81F so I decided to enjoy an ice-cold drink and wonder down to the beach a couple of times to take some photos… it was like a scene from the movies. Picture turquoise blue waters, white sand and clear sunny skies – if it wasn’t boiling hot I may have easily stayed there all day, but alas I hopped in another taxi back to the ship for $5.

When I got back to the cruise terminal I ended up spending quite a few dollars on souvenirs and other bits and pieces in the shops before getting back to the ship at around 15:00. By the time I dropped my shopping off in the cabin and headed up to the buffet, the lunch service had finished and there wasn’t really anything on the afternoon tea selection that took my fancy. Instead, I headed back to my cabin and ordered a Roast Beef Baguette from the room service menu which came with Crisps and a little Side Salad. Within ten minutes of placing my order, my food had arrived, and so I decided to take my meal upstairs and eat it around the pool.

It was freshly-made and really tasty, in-fact I could probably say it was one of the nicest lunches I have had on board the Ventura during my cruise. It’s kind of funny that sometimes the simplest of things turn out to be the best. It was also the first time I have had any crisps in over two-weeks!

After lunch, I just sat back and relaxed with a drink for a little while as I watched the world go by. It was a little bit strange on the ship seeing as some people were disembarking and flying home today whilst others like myself would be flying home tomorrow. There would also be passengers getting on board for the first time today too, so there was a mixture of familiar and un-familiar faces on board.

In the late afternoon I headed back to my cabin to continue with a bit more packing before getting ready for what would be my final evening on board the Ventura. I had one final drink in Metropolis and said farewell to one of the waiters who had been one of the best bartenders I have come across during the cruise. Every time I would walk past he would stop and chat to me, and in the bar he would always bring over extra-nibbles and remember my usual drink order. It is those little things that can really make aspects of a holiday stand out. My final dinner was taken in the Saffron Restaurant where I had Roast Pork with Stuffing and Vegetables which was very nice. After dinner I headed to the Casino for one final attempt at the Roulette Table before going back to the cabin to put my suitcase outside and head to bed.

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