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Thursday 30th January, 2014

Beachcomber Pool

Beachcomber Pool

I decided to have a little bit of a lie-in since we were cruising the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean as we sailed towards the port of Bridgetown in Barbados. Once dressed and ready I headed to the Beachcomber Pool and managed to get a seat in my usual partially sunny/shaded-spot. At 11:15 I thought I would try my luck at Bingo during the second-to-last session of the cruise and see whether I could win anything. Unfortunately I didn’t, but I was one number away from winning £67! Since it is the final sea-day, the Snowball Jackpot which was more than £800 must be won by the end of the day; so it is expected that the final session would be very popular; therefore I bought my ticket well in advance of the mad-rush.

Bingo finished around 11:45, so I headed back up to the Beachcomber Pool and got myself a freshly-made Waffle for my breakfast which was nice. I then sat back, relaxed, listened to the music and went on the laptop for a bit. It was a clear and sunny day; however the wind was fairly strong and according to the midday navigational update it was a Force 6; so the swimming pools seemed to be more like mini-wave pools!

A little later on I went for a wonder around the ship and bought some photographs from the Photo Gallery that I had taken of me during the cruise before looking in the shops and buying some souvenirs. I noticed that a Galley Tour was listed in the Horzion ship-board programme so I went along for the interesting walkthrough experience to see where all the chefs prepare more than 15,000 meals a day. It is amazing to think how much food they turn out, the entire culinary team on board really do a fantastic job and each meal service is prepared with military-style planning.

Once the Galley Tour had concluded, I paid a visit to the Bay Tree Restaurant on Deck 6 Aft for the Chocoholics Buffet, which was indeed very popular. Imagine table upon table full of delightful treats and eats, a chocolate fountain, cakes, and so much more. There was so much stuff around, it was hard to resist. I only put a couple of things on my plate, but some people were piling them high with sugar-coated treats and the odd bit of fruit dipped in chocolate… I suppose it’s kind-of-healthy, right?

In the late afternoon I went to the Arena theatre for the final Snowball Jackpot Bingo of the cruise; the one where the prize money had to be won and let me tell you; the theatre was absolutely packed! Unfortunately I was not the lucky one who won the £859 jackpot, instead all I left with was just the drink that I had bought! As it was nearing 18:00 I headed back to my cabin to freshen up for the evening.

For dinner I went to the Saffron Restaurant before trying my luck on the Roulette Tables and a game called “Casino Vault”. The game is where you have to control a joystick so the key fits through the hole and you can win a prize; such as £100, £250, or an iPad 3 and £100 cash. For £1 a game I have been trying a couple of times for the past few days with no luck at all; but I was determined to have a few more attempts… as I write this I am still yet to find my luck. After spending a bit of time in the casino I headed up to the Waterside for a little snack or two before heading to bed for the evening.

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