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There is nothing that I dislike more when flying to encounter lengthy queues at the check-in counter, through security, and then have to walk what feels like the length of the runway in order to reach your boarding gate. What if there was a service that could allow you to experience the VIP treatment regardless of what airline or class you are flying? I’ll let you in on a little secret… there is!

I recently had to travel through London Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal; and I remembered from my past experiences that check-in, security and everything else was a bit of a pain; and did not get my holiday off to a flying start. So I did some research on the official website for Gatwick; and I came across Gatwick First; the airports’ very own premier-class concierge service.

So how does it work? Regardless of how you travel to the airport and from which terminal you are flying; a uniformed concierge will meet you and usher you to a priority check-in desk for your airline; bypassing the notorious queues that you often see portrayed on the TV and in the movies. Once checked in, you’ll really start to feel like someone important as you clear security through one of the airports’ fast-track security channels and into the departure lounge. From there, the concierge is more than happy to leave you to browse around the shops and grab a bite to eat, or perhaps assist you with any shopping or dining arrangements, a bit like having your own personal shopping assistant really. And for the final level of VIP treatment, you’ll be personally escorted to your boarding gate.

But that’s not all. If desired, you can also take advantage of the Gatwick First concierge service when you arrive at Gatwick after your flight.

Upon landing, a concierge will meet you at the door of the aircraft, escort you through the customs process, assist you within the baggage hall and take you to your onward transport. The dedicated concierge’s are even available to assist you in making reservations for airport hotels, parking, transportation and lounge access if desired.

So how much does is cost to experience travelling like a real star? Not as much as you think. Whether you choose the outbound or inbound concierge service; prices start from £99 for up to four persons. In my mind, that is good value for money if it means getting your adventures off to a stress and hassle-free start. 

That’s a little bit about the Gatwick First Concierge Service, so now read on to find out about my experience travelling through the airport like a VIP…

It was an early, very early start for me on a Saturday morning. I’m usually a morning person, but being up at 04:30 even before the birds started to chirp was a challenge. I took the advice of my better judgement and decided to stay overnight at the Hilton London Gatwick Airport before my flight; instead of trying to make it to the airport on the day and avoid the traffic or anything else that could have delayed my journey.

Once I was ready, it was time to check out of my room and head to the hotel lobby where I was to be met by Roberto; one of the Gatwick First Concierge’s at the airport. I was greeted with a beaming smile and in a very professional manner and swiftly escorted from my hotel into the South Terminal via buggy and then onto the monorail to the North Terminal, which is where I would be flying from.

Roberto has been worked at Gatwick for a long time, starting at the Hilton Gatwick in 1996. He spent a couple of years working there before going back to Rome and working at various Hilton properties and then realised he missed the UK, and returned to Gatwick and now works as a concierge. He says there is nothing better than helping people get their trips; whether it is for business or pleasure off to a flying start. Roberto also told me that the concierge service is fairly new to Gatwick; but has proved immensely popular, and that they always try their very best to adapt to the individual needs of each customer.

After the very short journey to the North Terminal, ushered me towards the check-in desk for my flight. I was flying in the Economy Club cabin, and although it was a little over three hours before my flight departure, the check-in queue was quite long. One of the fantastic benefits of the concierge service was the ability to take advantage of priority check-in; which must have saved me about half-an-hour of precious duty-free shopping time. 

Once I had dropped off my luggage and received my boarding pass, Roberto escorted me towards the fast-track security lane. I was pretty excited since I had never been through a fast-track security channel before. The process was very quick; and I would highly recommend it.

Again, it saved me a lot of time and hassle. One thing I will say is that because I have travelled a fair amount over the past few years; I’ve learned to go prepared and ensure that any liquids I have in my hand luggage meet the 100ml requirement and are in a clear plastic bag. I also make sure to remove my belt when passing through the scanners; although at some security screenings it has not been necessary. 

Once through to the departures lounge, Roberto asked if they could assist me with any shopping or dining requirements, which I kindly declined. I actually had access to an airport lounge, so I spent a little bit of time in there before doing a quick run through the shops and then made my way to the gate. Roberto did offer to meet up with me and escort me to the gate since it is all part of the service; however I didn’t require this.

Roberto really was fantastic, and made my experience through Gatwick a memorable and hassle-free one. Would I take advantage of a concierge service like Gatwick First in the future? Without a doubt!

Thanks to Roberto, Jonathan, and the entire team at Gatwick First for a fantastic VIP experience.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of the Gatwick First Concierge Service for the purposes of writing this review. As usual, all opinions are those of my own and my travel companions. For more information about experiencing the VIP treatment at London Gatwick for yourself, send an e-mail to, or call 01293 555706.

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  1. We have had a similar level of paid-for service twice from professional, friendly and courteous concierges. However, last year the service failed spectacularly, abandoning me to wait while all disabled passengers were offloaded from the aircraft, despatching my husband separately (although escorted, pointlessly) to go through baggage claim and passport control. Eventually, after an hour’s unnecessary delay, I emerged from these, to be met by a wheelchair and taken to our taxi. The girl pushing the wheelchair took us into the main concourse and informed us that this was where taxis arrived. Eventually we managed to get it through to her that taxis, apparently unbeknownst to her, did nit drive into the arrival hall and we needed to get to a particular drop-off zone where, by prior arrangement, our cab would meet us.
    The service was appalling. We endeavoured on arrival home to get our money back from Gatwick First with, of course, no success at all.
    The whole point of Gatwick First meet and greet is a fast and efficient way of transiting the airport. I would never use it again.
    Sadly, I have to say that the first two times we used the service the concierges were male, smart, intelligent and knew exactly what they were doing. This last time the young girls were none of these things.

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