What You Need to Know about Cruises

There’s a stereotype out there that cruising is only for the elderly and young families. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. With the vast array of available ships (from mini river barges to large, thousand passenger ocean liners) there’s bound to be something you like. There are ships for relaxing, ships that boast a non-stop party, or those with a little of both. Even for those travelers who want to help save the environment, there are new, eco-friendly cruise options out there. No matter what kind of holiday you may be looking for, there’s a cruise out there to match. We hope this article will inspire you to book your next vacation with a cruise line.  

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There are just as many activities to do on a single cruise as there are ship choices! You can usually find an online itinerary of all the stops, entertainment, and activities for the ship you booked, and with that you can plan your own individual itinerary. Things like yoga or Zumba classes, pool volleyball, and various athletic games are all at your disposal, so you can do anything and everything!


Most cruises are a social experience, so be ready to be around people. Whether you book with friends, family, or plan on being a solo traveler, you never know who you could meet. You could destined to make new friends that you’ll keep for years to come. So don’t be shy! Take a deep breath and talk to people. It might not be as scary as you think.

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Not only can cruises be more fun than traditional vacations, but they can also be a bit more affordable. There are many different all-inclusive cruise lines that offer food and drink as a flat fee. If you take the all-inclusive option, remember that it is only the on-ship amenities that are paid for. If you choose to venture off the ship, you may want to bring cash or a card to purchase things.


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Ease of Planning:

Imagine visiting several notable cities in one trip, and only needing to unpack once. Your “floating hotel” will take you from city to city, and all you need to do is buy a ticket. No major planning needed; simply walk off and enjoy each stop at your leisure. As stated before, the on-board activities are all planned for you as well to pick and choose as you see fit.

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With the recent influx of travel-related incidents, safety is a huge subject on many peoples’ minds. What you may not know is that cruises are generally less dangerous than most holidays. All ships in U.S. waters are regularly inspected and maintained for safety issues, so even though you may be off-land, a cruise may be the best choice to minimize the risk on your next holiday.

Are you going to consider going on a cruise? They can be a new and exciting change-up for your holiday plans. Especially with all the benefits they provide over traditional holidays, it’s hard to say no. Do some research for what kind of cruise will be right for you, and share your findings below!

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