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Today was my second “at-sea” day on board as Ventura cruised the Caribbean Sea en route to Kralendijk in Bonaire; where we will arrive tomorrow morning. I had a little bit of a lie-in before getting ready and having a late breakfast from the Waterside Buffet before finding a nice spot near the Laguna Pool to where I had an excellent view of an Ice-carving demonstration. The chef carved a Swordfish out of a gigantic block of ice and it was interesting to hear that there are around thirty ice-sculptures created during each voyage.

Swordfish Ice Scuplture created by Manchego

Swordfish Ice Scuplture created by Manchego

After watching the ice-sculpting I decided to go for a little walk around the front of the Promenade on Deck 7; to the very front of the ship and look out to the blue ocean beyond. I then headed up to Deck 15 and the observation deck at the very front of the ship above the bridge. This is my third time on the Ventura and I had never come across this space before. From there I could get an excellent view of the ship and the horizon. The area is usually open from 06:30 to 18:30; however it is sometimes closed during adverse weather, which makes sense.

After doing a little bit of walking around I was astonished to find a vacant lounger near the Beachcomber Pool where I sat back, relaxed, and paddled my feet for a little bit for a couple of hours. Since I had a late breakfast I opted to skip lunch and enjoy Afternoon Tea instead before going to the Exchange pub on Deck 6 for the afternoon edition of Snowball Jackpot Bingo and then get ready for the Black Tie evening ahead.

In the evening I had a pre-dinner drink in the Red Bar; which is located around the atrium on Deck 7. Everyone was dressed in their finest despite the humidity outside and the ambience was really nice. Dinner in the Saffron Restaurant was very nice. Following this I went up on deck to listen to some of the music by the pool. got a dessert or two and then went to bed.


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