My Top Disney Parks Travel Hacks

A visit to the Disney Parks is something which is fun for the young and the young at heart. Where you can let your imagination soar and forget about the outside world. Let's face it, you know that a trip to Disney will entail spending a lot of time queuing up to enjoy the attractions, shows, and even to get something to eat. All of that can lead to a bit of a stressful ordeal at the happiest place on earth. But fear not, for here are my top travel hacks for visiting the mouse!

Drink plenty of Water

Not only can it get pretty warm at Disney, but being de-hydrated also shortens your attention span - so it's important to stay hydrated with some good old H20. That is unless you're part of the world famous Jungle Cruise where 02H is the speciality.

Did you know that you can simply walk up to any quick-service dining location and pick up a cup of iced water for free? Well now you do, and it can save you from spending almost $4 a time on sodas. My advice is to always arrive at the parks with a bottle of water as you'll probably need it.

Bring things to do

There is a very good chance that we have all waited in a line (or on the parade route) for more than an hour at some-point in our life. Dare I say but it's pretty common at Disney. Before the invention of mobile-phones I can't really remember how I passed the endless minutes waiting in a queue. Be sure to have a few fun apps, books and games on your personal electronic devices so you can keep yourself busy; but remember to bring your chargers too!

Another great tip when waiting in line for the attractions is to enjoy the queue itself. The Disney Imagineers are very good at putting a lot of detail into the show buildings. Try to spot the infamous Hidden Mickey's (there are loads), or even nods to previous attractions.

When it’s too hot, seek the shade!

I don't know about you but when the temperature hits 100-degrees, I need to find a shaded-area ASAP. Air-conditioned would be preferable. Although limited, such places do exist within the parks. My favourite would be the Animation Academy within Disney California Adventure. It's a large, dark space with some seating, comfortable carpets and an area where you can rest and enjoy clips from your favourite Disney/Pixar animated movies.

Other good places to seek the solitude of cooler temperatures include the shops, restaurants and indoor-attractions.

Love the thrills? Avoid during the day

If you enjoy some of the intense rides, but don't partake to waiting in queues for longer than an hour; a simple hack is to experience these attractions first thing in the morning or late in the evening. Typically, this is when the lines should be at their shortest, but during special events this might not be the case.

Parades and Fireworks not your thing? You might find the wait-times might be slightly shorter then too!

Don't forget to utilise Disney's FASTPASS service to. It's a great way to skip the waiting around in the standby queue and enjoy other experiences in the parks whilst you wait for your return time to roll around. When it does, simply enter using the designated FASTPASS entrance and you should be enjoying the attraction/show within a few short minutes.

If you're visiting Walt Disney World, remember you are able to schedule up to three FASTPASS+ options in advance of your trip. It's 30-days in advance for everyone and 60-days for guests staying at a Walt Disney World resort hotel.

Split the food to save some cash

Any food at Disney tastes magical; but if you're looking to save some extra cash for that Olaf plush, why not consider sharing your meal with someone else?

A perfect example would be the famous Monte Cristo Sandwich at Cafe Orleans in Disneyland Park. The portion-size is certainly enough for two or even three-people to share, that I don't think I've ever seen anyone finish the dish on their own.

Don't forget that Annual Passholders may also receive discounts on food, beverages and merchandise bought at the theme-parks too.

Stow your belongings in a locker

From day to night, the temperatures can vary by a considerable amount - so I always take a light jacket and store it in my bag for later in the day. All of the Disney theme parks feature locker rental areas where you can stow your belongings. On average these cost between $7-$10 per day and you can use it as many times as you like. Perfect for keeping those souvenirs safe whilst you enjoy Space Mountain.

Pay with your Starbucks Card

Ever since the first Starbucks opened inside a Disney park, it's been a popular hit with many - that's why you'll find at least one location inside each theme-park in Florida and California. A little known secret is that you can actually pay for your purchases within these outlets with your Starbucks Card/App. Whilst you are unable to redeem any rewards, it's a great way to carry less cash and you may even earn a few stars too!

Download the official Disney Parks App

Before your visit, make sure you have downloaded (or updated) to the latest version of the Disneyland or Walt Disney World mobile-app. It's a great thing to have where you'll be able to check the attraction wait-times, entertainment schedule, and a lot more!

There you have just a few of my favourite Disney Parks Travel Hacks. Do you have any others you'd like to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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